Meet Nimses — Global Treasury of Human Lifetime. A Singular Technology to Deal with Plural Planetary Challenges


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Humanity is dealing with its greatest problem for the reason that Ice Age. No jokes. Economical growth, technological enlargement and exponential expansion made the Earth a at ease alternatively extremely insecure, risky and uncovered position to reside. Lack of confidence, instability and publicity derive from the truth that the sector is stuffed with strangers melted into one united world society. Glocalization, thus, brings ahead bad clashes between competing identities on a top pace inside an enormous scale. To place it merely, human variety, multiplied through amount and pace got here to be the true risk to world protection. Humanity has to handle actual plurality drama.

Sarcastically, the one approach to the worldwide plurality drama is Singularity. That’s the common state to which world lifestyles gravitates. Singularity is the primary of team spirit carried out to the entire human inhabitants. The singular gadget that has already controlled to construct a technical answer for world plurality disaster is named Nimses. Its technical core is named the World Treasury. The World Treasury solves the worldwide lack of confidence drawback by the use of the most important Blockchain of all occasions. It implies three classical unities: the team spirit of time, the team spirit of position, and the team spirit of motion secure through the decentralized regulate of remarkable scale.

The World Treasury works because of the team spirit of motion. The very first thing this is not unusual for each and every consultant of the human inhabitants is the frame. Irrespective of age, race, gender, any conceivable bodily traits, a human being is a type of lifestyles performing throughout the frame. Nimses created the era for making a unmarried cross-platform ID for a unmarried human being. Each human will get a unified certification and standing legitimate each for bodily and digital truth.

The World Treasury works because of the team spirit of time. The second one factor this is not unusual for each and every consultant of thr human inhabitants is time. Irrespective of trust, nationality, ethnicity, and any conceivable id, a human being has not more than 24 hours inside one day. Nimses created the era for turning human lifetime into an actual virtual asset — NIM. Nimses made it conceivable to mine nims out of human lifestyles time. One minute of one human lifestyles is one nim. One nim is one digitalized minute of human lifestyles that may remaining eternally. Each day brings 1440 nims to each and every human.

The World Treasury works because of the team spirit of position. The 3rd factor this is not unusual for each and every consultant of the human inhabitants is position. Irrespective of geographical positioning and timezone, a human being has no different position to reside however planet Earth. Nimses created the era for dividing human lifestyles area into actual virtual spaces — TEMPLES. Nimses made it conceivable to retailer all of the human reminiscences inside particular geographical spots. One temple is a continuing piece of the planet Earth floor. There are all in all most effective 1,044,345 temples on the earth.

Thus, each and every human being contributes to the World Treasury, which is the root of human lifestyles ecosystem. Via day by day contributions, the World Treasury maintains its quantity and regulating capability. It by no means inflates because of mechanically generated a protected fund of INFINIMS. One infinim equals 120 years of human lifestyles, which in flip, equals 63,115,200 nims.

The World Treasury mechanically generates infinims from day by day nim contributions of all People. Everyone can get an infinim as quickly it’s produced through the World Treasury. Nimses maintains strong limitless World Treasury of Earth and stocks its possession and regulate with each and every Human who holds infinims. The World Treasury is probably the most protected, refined, and natural gadget for keeping up world protection that has ever been noticed.

To get the overall get entry to to the Nimses infrastructure, please, obtain the app, pass throughout the verification process, and experience additional advantages of Singularity. Welcome to the longer term. This time, it’s actual. This time, it’s most effective your lifestyles time that issues. Simply reside.


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