Smash Ultimate’s new ‘go well with up’ event features an underrated as hell Nintendo character

Smash Ultimate's new 'suit up' event features an underrated as hell Nintendo character screenshot

Not each event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate slaps, however this one prominently features Party Phil, so it laws via default.

If you have not heard of Party Phil, there is excellent explanation why for that: he used to be more or less despatched off to die within the Wii Party sequence (at the side of Party Penny), which by no means in point of fact took off. This Ray Bolger Scarecrow-ass puppet is all the time in a position to move and his complete objective in lifestyles is to simply pump you up and display you a great time. Who does not love a joyous puppet that speaks gibberish? This dude must be far more well-known.

So why is he related? Well Smash Ultimate‘s “Suit Up!” spirit event begins on May 17 and can characteristic dapper characters like Metal Gear Solid‘s Kaz Miller, Animal Crossing‘s Digby, and naturally, Party Phil. Or, as Nintendo places it: “Spirits dressed in ties or bow ties deliver a slightly of sophistication to the Spirit Board on this event. Defeat them in fight to earn further snacks.”

As a reminder you’ll be able to use this software ^( to find each spirit within the recreation.

The next ‘long tail’ Smash Ultimate spirit event is the cutest thing you’ll see all week

The next 'long tail' Smash Ultimate spirit event is the cutest thing you'll see all week screenshot

Nintendo Australia/New Zealand’s Twitter account loves breaking news first, mostly because of the time zone difference. New Zealand is kind of the de facto “get stuff first” region, not just in gaming: but in tech and pretty much every other market.

Naturally, they were the first to unveil the new “Tails You Win” (which probably would have been better conveyed as “Tails, You Win!” but that’s neither here nor there) event for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which will once again net you specific spirits. As one might expect the promo focuses on tails, highlighting various creatures like Animal Crossing‘s Kicks or Wind Waker‘s Valoo. The lack of an actual Tails spirit ^( for the promotional tweet (though I’m sure he’ll be part of the festivities) is disturbing.

The event will kick off on May 3 and run for three days. Remember, there’s a full list of spirits here ^(

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