Sniper Elite VR may just convince me to get a VR headset

Sniper Elite VR may just convince me to get a VR headset screenshot

I am not precisely smartly versed on this planet of VR gaming. While I feel the generation is cool and all, I believe it has extra price in teachers than gaming. You can unquestionably make attention-grabbing video games across the generation, however there hasn’t been a lot that stands proud to me. I love first-person shooters, and there are a ton of first-person VR video games, however they’re nearly all the time compromised by means of the restrictions of VR headsets, most often enjoying dramatically slower than what you’ll be able to play on a same old machine.

Having heard not anything about Sniper Elite VR, I wasn’t positive what to be expecting. I figured this is able to be akin to one thing like Hitman: Sniper Assassin, the place you are perched in one spot and taking pictures at objectives from a ways away. While that gameplay does function a little, believe my marvel after I came upon that that is a full-on FPS like the remainder of the collection. No teleporting round, no downgraded arenas to make amends for restricted motion, no desk bound segments that really feel like glorified capturing galleries. Somehow, Sniper Elite VR is a absolutely featured FPS in VR shape.