Review: Life is Strange 2: Episode 3: Wastelands

Review: Life is Strange 2: Episode 3: Wastelands screenshot

“Aww, you can get scars however you can [learn to cope]. Part of the joys!” Sean Diaz is advised this early into Life is Strange 2: Episode 3 through a peer who is speaking about literal scars from their unlawful employment trimming marijuana buds. But, it is this identical personality who later sits everybody down through the hearth and suggests they endure their emotional scars through telling the tale of the worst factor that has ever came about to them.

Sean and Daniel Diaz have already got a number of scars — bodily and emotional — and they are cuts which are a long way deeper than anything else a couple of tiny gardening shears may arrange. “Part of the joys” is a stretch, one thing that simplest the cheeriest and maximum positive glass-half-fuller would recommend. Fun or now not, it is the fact of the Diaz brothers’ circumstance.



Life is Strange 2 continues with Episode 3: Wastelands

Life is Strange 2 continues with Episode 3: Wastelands screenshot

The story continues a little later this week in Dontnod Entertainment’s dramatic sequel Life is Strange 2 ^( A new launch trailer gives us a glimpse at the troubles which await siblings Sean and Daniel Diaz in episode three, which sees them on the run and seeking solace in the Californian woodland.

The road has already been quite rough for the brothers Diaz, with Sean’s desperate efforts to keep them safe and away from the hands of the law, whilst Daniel fails to come to terms with his weird and frightening new abilities. Hopefully, time in the forest – along with some new-found friends – will give our protagonists respite from their recent trail of carnage, though I’m sure there will be plenty of morally grey choices along the way.