Paradox Interactive ARG teasing a new sport, possibly Vampire: The Masquerade related

Paradox Interactive ARG teasing a new game, possibly Vampire: The Masquerade related screenshot

I like trade fact video games. Sure their sole objective is to tease us with obscure hints that can sooner or later result in a product divulge, however a minimum of it is higher than any individual losing a press unencumber at your toes with out a soul or effort. After The Dark Knight ARG over a decade in the past, they have fallen out of fashion for some reason why. Thankfully the spirit of daring promoting lives on in Paradox Interactive.

A new “soulmate set of rules” app known as “Tender” simply introduced ^( At first look, it kind of feels to be simply some other relationship app, however the Paradox Interactive copyright in addition to the power to check in with a Paradox account is the primary signal that one thing is amiss. Once you join and comply with the e-newsletter, you’re offered with questions. The questions get started out risk free like how would you describe your self on a fundamental wheel of feelings, then issues move a little batty.