| Stack Those Boards For An Extra-Special Backlit LED Effect

Through now maximum folks must be used to backlit LEDs, during which a naked board without a copper or soldermask as an LED fixed on its opposite facet to polish by way of as though with a diffuser. [Wim Van Gool] has created such an LED show with a twist, as a substitute of opposite fixed LEDs his Shitty Upload-On for House3001 hackerspace in Leuven, Netherlands has a collection of WS2812 addressable LEDs shining upwards by way of a void in a stack of PCBs to the diffuser. The impact is of one thing that appears in regards to the measurement and form of a Equipment-Kat finger with a sparkling hackerspace emblem at the entrance, and it breaks clear of the SAO norm.

Complete main points are at the GitHub repository for the challenge, during which we discover each massive and small takes at the similar concept. It sounds as if that there’s no onboard processor and that the WS2812s are pushed from the host badge, however that does not remove from the ingenuity of the design.

The through-PCB diffuser appears to be the badge must-have of the instant, we have now noticed fairly a couple of similar to the hot Numberwang badge. That is the thrilling factor about badge design regardless that, one at all times is aware of that there will probably be a brand new twist alongside within the subsequent crop of badges, to stay the entirety contemporary.

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