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The secret threat of tanuki balls

The secret threat of tanuki balls screenshot

It’s no secret Japan has lengthy been seeking to damage us westerners with its unstoppable tradition for many years. Whether it is changing our other halves with waifus or cramming our circulatory techniques with their nutrient void, sodium-packed immediate ramen, we’re being silently destroyed through the ones often well mannered islanders. It is aware of all our weaknesses, so if you happen to assume your video video games are protected from its corruption, you might be laughably unsuitable. Tanuki testicles had been covertly infiltrating our video games for the reason that starting. Japan has been putting its balls in our video games all alongside!

The tanuki — on occasion known as a raccoon canine over right here for the colour patterns it stocks with the typical trash panda — is a small dog local to Japan. More than only a commonplace sight in Japanese flora and fauna, it performs a substantial position within the nation’s folklore. Statues of the creature will also be discovered in every single place Japan, continuously depicting it as a rotund, jovial-looking creature, often dawning a hat, sporting a bottle of sake, and virtually at all times wearing a vastly heaping scrotum.