Twitter Testing Easier Way For Users To Toggle Timelines

When it comes seeing posts on social media, which do you worth extra? A timeline in line with chronological order or one in line with relevancy? There are arguments to be made for both, however Twitter has introduced that they’re now checking out a brand new method for customers to simply toggle between other timeline modes.

During the early days of Twitter, the corporate would show tweets in line with chronological order, with the newest tweets being on the best. However lately, they followed a relevancy timeline which displayed tweets they concept you could be fascinated with, and tweets that had been trending. However it was once simply remaining month that the corporate introduced that they might be bringing again the chronological timeline as an possibility ^(

However gaining access to the choice wasn’t so obtrusive, however Twitter’s newest announcement is hoping to switch that as they’re checking out techniques for customers to modify between the other timelines extra simply. This signifies that within the tournament you wish to have to look the newest tweets first, you’ll accomplish that, however for those who sought after to switch to a timeline that shows the freshest/maximum related tweets, you’ll accomplish that at a flick of a transfer.

Unfortunately Twitter says that that is within the checking out segment these days and most effective to be had to a small choice of iOS customers, so if this was once one thing you had been fascinated with, you may have to attend sooner than the choice is made to be had to you.

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Hitman 2’s multiplayer mode lets you compete for silent kills across two timelines

Hitman 2’s multiplayer mode lets you compete for silent kills across two timelines

Last Friday, as well as letting me try out Hitman 2’s impressively detailed Colombia level, IO also revealed that a surprise multiplayer mode is coming to the sequel. No, you’re not going around a level trying to work out who the mystery target is like in Assassin’s Creed’s old multiplayer mode—although that would be rad in Hitman. You’re instead trying to take out the random target flagged on your HUD before the other player does, without being caught. The first to five silent kills wins.

There are a couple of twists to this, though. The two timelines can interact with each other through an item called a ‘ghost coin’. Since you can see what the other player is up to in the game at all times, you can make a guard in their timeline move elsewhere using this coin, which might scupper an attempt to get a perfect kill. There’s also an item crate system: removing a weapon from a crate means the other player won’t have access to it, so maybe it pays to find one of these earlier in the game, and narrow your rival’s options.

I played the mode last Friday, and honestly, it was hard to get a grasp on it for a couple of reasons, but it has serious promise for hardcore players. In my game, I was playing against a video presenter man who seemed to rush most of his assassination attempts, and got caught in the act multiple times. I was then given 20 seconds to execute each failed target before the new target appeared, but of course in Hitman, 20 seconds isn’t a long time to wait for that target to get into a secluded spot. The game kept resetting, and almost every time I waited patiently or went off to find some weapons to help speed up the process, the other player seemed to mess up and the game would reset. In about 30 minutes, we each got one clean kill. It was a little annoying.

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