The Brio Bluetooth 5 true-wireless earbuds are 56% off today

Brio True Wireless Earbuds ^(

You can argue all you like about which of the Galaxy Buds and the AirPods are better, but the $150 price tag of both is beyond the budget of many of us. The Brio True Wireless Earbuds ^(, however, feature many of the bells and whistles of their more famous counterparts.

Right now, they’re also a fraction of the cost

Compact and comfortable, the Brio True Wireless Earbuds ^( boast an IP67 rating, making them sweat and waterproof. They also utilize the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, so your connectivity will never lag or drop.

Up to 50 hours of on-the-go listening with the charging case.

Despite their size, the Brio Buds ^( give you eight hours of use on a single charge. Add to that the extra power from the portable charging case, and you have a total of 50 hours of on-the-go listening. Take that, Galaxy Buds, with your measly 13 hours of juice.

Just twist and lock the Brio Buds into place and they’ll stay put no matter what shenanigans you get yourself into. The built-in mic even allows you to take crisp, clear calls on the go. You’ll never be disconnected from your friends, family, or work — if that’s what you prefer.

The Brio True Wireless Earbuds at a glance:

  • Enjoy up to eight hours of listening on a single charge.
  • Get a crisp, clean connection thanks to new Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Stay connected by making and taking calls with the built-in mic.
  • Recharge fast thanks to the portable charging case.

For a lot of the perks of Galaxy Buds, but not the hefty price tag, grab yourself some Brio True Wireless Earbuds ^( instead. They also retail for $150, but you can get them now for just $65 ^( That’s better than half price.

The deal runs for a few days more, so don’t miss your chance. Hit the button below to find it.

Check out the deal! ^(

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Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including AntiGravity Puzzle Game and More

Here are some free games to kick off the weekend.

Sudoku Deluxe VIP

• Great for beginners or experts
• Simple user-interface
• Auto-remove pencil notes feature
• No timers at all! Just relax and have fun!
• Beautiful, easy to read numbers!
• Auto-highlight other cells with the same number as the currently selected cell
• Auto-highlight cells that have a visible conflict
• Auto-highlight pencil marks that have a visible conflict

Download Sudoku Deluxe VIP

Freelancer Simulator Inc: Game Dev Money Clicker

This is a 2d simulation/ idle clicker game. Your goal is to become rich and enjoy your life as a freelancer developer. You have unlimited options to do in the game. Not like other games, you are working in a relaxing environment and you can always add new things to your world. Things you buy for your workplace affect your psychology and helps you work better. You complete tasks buy clicking. You will become a faster clicker step by step. Don’t forget to open the gift box on your llama to win cash every hour.

Download Freelancer Simulator Inc: Game Dev Money Clicker

AntiGravity Puzzle Game

AntiGravity Includes:

• 40 amazing logic puzzles ranging from simple to impossibly difficult with variety of elements which keeps levels fresh and exciting to explore.
Ambient, atmospheric background music.
Beautiful graphics and a stunning surreal world.
• Ultra smooth minimalist 2D graphics.
• Easy to learn, very challenging to complete.
• Play offline, no internet required.
• No ads!
• No In App Purchases.

Download AntiGravity Puzzle Game

Fit Tile

‘Fit Tile’ are a game that completes pieces step by step.
Tiles can be moved easily using a swipe.
If you move all the fragmented tiles to the right position, the picture is completed.

Download Fit Tile

Tank Raid Online 2 – 3D Galaxy Battles

– Fight in real-time with other players;
– Up to 7 3D arenas with unique design;
– A wide variety of tanks and weapons with signature attacks;
– A completely skill-based game: Free to gain all in-game elements and fair to win
– Many game modes

Download Tank Raid Online 2 – 3D Galaxy Battles

Droper – Notes in Status Bar

Main features:
– Only the most necessary functions. Minimum of actions and clicks. Everything is simple and clear at first sight.
– All items in the list are swipeable and draggable.
– Pin icon for make a note unswipeable.
– Star icon for set normal/maximum priority.
– Only one permission – Internet (for bug reports).

Download Droper – Notes in Status Bar

SnagID – Site Snagging, Auditing & Inspection Tool

– Add project with project photo and project drawings.
– Organize project into locations like floor 1, floor 2, floor 3 etc.
– Log snag or issue or defects or observations directly to project, or locations.
– Add snags or issues or defects or observations or inspections with photo, title, assigned to, status, created date, action by date and comments.
– appmarsh up each photo to highlight issues using powerful annotation tools.
– Make the copy of existing projects, locations and snags.
– Generate the PDF and Excel document reports with cover pages.
– Display the exact date and time of image taken into PDF and Excel report images. You can on or off this feature.
– Customize the report cover page with client and company’s details, and also with the company’s logo and auditor’s signature.
– Powerful sorting, searching and filtering of projects, snag & punch lists.

Download SnagID – Site Snagging, Auditing & Inspection Tool

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