5 best seo Tool of 2019

2. SEMrush SEO toolkit

Advanced SEO tools accessible from a master dashboard


⇒  Analise competitors status

Informative dashboard


Has some complicated technology which is difficult to understand 

SEMrush SEO The tool was originally developed by Seemarus in 2008. 

It has got a large funding of 40 million dollars in 2019 for its expansion on large named platforms such as Baidu, BNP Paribas Hewlett Packard, eBay and the Great Amazon.

The Keyword Research Tool is accessible from the super-detailed dashboard of Semarush. You can see a summary of any domain you manage, along with the detailed keyword analysis report.

Keyword Research Tool is available from Semrush’s excellent detailed dashboard. You can see all the summaries of any domain you manage, along with the detailed keywords analysis report.

More importantly, SEO Toolkit allows you to compare your pages’ performance to evaluate the competition. For example, you can analyze backlinks from other websites to yours. (This process is sometimes called as ‘link building’).

Traffic Analytics helps identify the source of top-source sites such as web tracks. It enables you to drill into a good description that determines the average session duration and bounce rates you and your competing sites have. SEO slang is a new percentage of visitors to the ‘bounce rate’ website, and then leaves no other pages reaching that site.

Domain Overview is more than providing the summary of your competitive SEO strategies. You can find specific keys and access your domain relative access to your desktop and mobile devices.

SEMrush has got many positive expressions, but for the use of SEO words, ‘SERP’ has been criticized for the use of unusual users. A ‘Pro’ subscription spends $ 99.95 (£ 74.52) per month, which includes access to SEO tools.