Totally Not iOS Board Game News, More like PC Board Game News: Terraforming Mars Gets Release Date, Achtung! Cthulhu Coming Tomorrow and more…

by David Neumann, iOS News

Not iOS Board Game News. Well, some, I guess. A little. More PC Board Game News with a little iOS (and Android) Board Game News thrown in for good measure


Terraforming Mars Launches on October 17

It’s been a pretty good year for Asmodee Digital with digital ports of Onitama: The Board Game, Scythe: Digital Edition and others, not to mention their Gen Con reveal of upcoming games like Gloomhaven and more. Of course, the one big game everyone is waiting for is the digital version of Terraforming Mars. We haven’t heard much about the port, other than seeing it in action at Gen Con, and there’s been no word of when we can expect it on our devices. Yesterday, Asmodee cleared that up. The PC version of Terraforming Mars will arrive on Steam on October 17.

The October 17 release will be for PC only, but don’t worry, other platforms are being furiously worked upon and we should, hopefully, see it on our mobile devices in the not too distant future.


If you want to put Terraforming Mars on your Steam wishlist, do so at the link below. Then you’ll be sure to grab it as soon as it goes live. For those of use with overpriced MacBooks and iPads, I guess we can wait a little longer.

Terraforming Mars for PC via Steam, coming Oct. 17

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics Coming to Steam Tomorrow

Achtung! Cthulhu has a pretty cool alternate history theme that posits the Nazis as cultists for Lovecraftian gods and then puts players in the shoes of heroes trying to take the Cult of the Black Sun down or die trying. There’s an RPG, minis, and even a wargame all set in this rather horrifying setting, so why not a digital game? I’m glad you asked.

Tomorrow will see the release of Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics for PC on Steam. This is a squad-level, tactical combat game based on the RPG which sounds a lot like XCOM mixed with…well, who cares what it’s mixed with. They had me at “like XCOM”.

While Achtung! Cthulhu won’t be making it onto the mobile markets, we can expect it to release later this year on consoles including Xbox, PS4, and the increasingly more awesome, Switch. Check out the trailer and then check out the link below where you can pick up Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics when it goes live tomorrow.

Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics for PC via Steam, coming tomrorow

Youtube Video

Siberian Dawn Moves to Steam

We mentioned the original card game Siberian Dawn in the past and thought it looked interesting. Unfortunately, we thought it was only going to be available on Android devices, which I don’t own and, therefore, tend not to follow as closely. A couple weeks ago, however, Siberian Dawn made its grand debut on another platform: PC via Steam, so I have no excuses.

I’d keep rambling, but my fingers are tired, so I’ll just blurb it out:

Stephen Winterflood wrote:

Siberian Dawn is an original, solo, digital card game that combines the core soul of a deck builder with the tactical power of a war game and the strategic challenge of crisis management.

You are an Overseer in the Union, one of the tactical controllers who has to deal with the increasing dangers facing the Union through Objective based Missions. Recruit and deploy Units, enlist the help of the Guilds, and build your Bond with those in the shadows, whilst trying to control the conflict unfolding before you.

The basic Training Run Mission is available for free with the base game, to give you a taste for how the game works, and the first Mission Pack available as DLC adds the full Core game and first 3 Missions of the Siberian Dawn story.

Siberian Dawn is available for PC and is free to download with a $4 IAP to unlock the full core game and 3 additional missions. No reason to not download and give it a go. There’s a good how-to-play video below if you need to see before you buy. Or download for free. You know what I meant.

Siberian Dawn for PC via Steam, free

– Siberian Dawn for Android, coming soon

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