Three Steps to Use SEC-E9 Cut Toyota TOY43 keys

Here’s the information to chop Toyota TOY43 keys with SEC-E9 computerized key slicing gadget ^( in 3 steps: Input the important thing information, get the important thing quantity and minimize the important thing.


Input the important thing information of Toyota TOY43 in two tactics.

Approach 1: Make a choice automobile manufacture, logo and yr.

Faucet “Automotive” button and “Toyota – Camry – 2006 -[10] to go into the important thing information.

Approach 2: Enter the important thing clean quantity

Faucet “Seek” button, enter “TOY43” and make a choice “Silca” – “TOY43(903) [10] ” to go into key information.

Faucet “Data” button to look the secret is aligned through tip. Most often no want to use stopper when repair the important thing place.

Step 2. Get the important thing numbers of Toyota TOY43 keys the usage of SEC-E9 in 3 tactics.

Approach 1:Interpreting the unique key.

Faucet “Decode ” button to go into the interpreting web page.

Make a choice the darkish blue icon as sense key location and “Spherical off”.

Test if the unique key can open the cylinder.

Repair the unique key at the best degree of the clamp. please be aware of the important thing place.

Faucet the “Decode” button to begin interpreting the unique key and get the important thing numbers.

Approach 2: seek key code.

That is key code for Toyota Camry key.

Faucet “Code” button and enter “55062” to get the important thing quantity.

Approach 3: Enter key numbers immediately.

Faucet “Enter” button and enter the important thing numbers you get from alternative ways, comparable to cylinder, Lishi device, or instacode, and so forth.

Step 3. Minimize a brand new Toyota Camry key.

Faucet the “Minimize” button to go into the slicing web page.

Make a choice “NKI-silver” as velocity and essentially the most proper blue icon as sense key location.

Take out the unique key and connect a brand new key clean at the best degree of the clamp. Please be aware of the important thing place.

Faucet “minimize” button to begin slicing a brand new key. Please take into account to near the protected gate.

SEC-E9 Chopping is completed. Open the protected gate. Blank the clamp & the brand new keys.

Take out the brand new key.

The brand new key’s operating smartly.