Games that disappeared from official marketplaces without a trace

Games that disappeared from official marketplaces without a trace screenshot

Digitalisation has left a sizeable footprint on gaming. The number of people who stick to physical releases is dwindling, especially since some games can only be obtained on console/publisher online marketplaces. Some of us still gripe and groan about our godawful download speeds and so still frequent our local games stores, but rows upon rows of blue boxes on games room shelves could become the reserve of the retro gamer before long. And of course, consumers will argue the pros and cons of physical versus digital collecting ’til the cows come home.

But one undeniable risk of the digitalisation of games is that rights could be yanked in an instant, and so games could simply disappear off the marketplace. A publisher cannot wrest a physical copy of your favourite RPG from your hands, but it can make a digital game obsolete in the blink of an eye. Some of these disappearing acts really, really hurt, though perhaps there are a couple of games that we’re perhaps all collectively glad to see the back of. Here are some of the games that have gone MIA from various online stores, making buying them more of a chore or sometimes even impossible.