Huawei Trademark Suggests Smart TV A Possibility

Huawei could be thinking about entering the smart TV market if a new trademark filing is to be believed. The company has filed to protect the “Huawei AI Window” term. The trademark description mentions that it may be used for smart TVs and LCD panels. Earlier reports have suggested that Huawei may launch a new smart TV under its Honor sub-brand.

This new trademark suggests that the smart TV could be launched under Huawei proper even if the company eventually plans to launch one under Honor as well. It did release one actually, the Honor A55 was a 4K smart TV with an LG panel that was launched in 2018.

There’s not much to go on right now other than this trademark filing. The report ^( doesn’t mention where Huawei has filed for this trademark and how long ago. Companies have a habit of patenting and trademarking stuff that they may never intend to launch. It’s a hedge for the future in case plans change, they just want to have their bases covered.

A Huawei smart TV wouldn’t be such an anomaly. There are many companies in the smartphone business with their own TV lineups. Local competitor Xiaomi is one of those companies. Whether or not this is something Huawei ends up doing remains to be seen.

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