Samsung Trademarks ‘Galaxy Fold’ Name

When Samsung unveiled their foldable smartphone last month ^(, not much was known about the handset save for the fact that it would have a foldable display. This lack of information included hardware specs, pricing, availability, and a name, although the latter seems to be slightly clearer thanks to a recent trademark filing.

According to the recently discovered trademark filing spotted by 91mobiles ^(, the company has filed for a trademark for a device called the “Galaxy Fold”. Now there’s no way to indicate that this trademark could be used for their foldable smartphone, but at the same time unless Samsung is planning on launching a laptop under its Galaxy branding, it’s not hard to imagine that the “Galaxy Fold” could be a potential name for the phone.

Samsung’s previous experimental devices have had pretty straightforward names. For example when the company first launched its smartphone that had a display that could bend/flex, they named it the Galaxy Round, which admittedly wasn’t exactly the most clever but it did a good job of conveying what the company wanted consumers to know.

Like we said, so far not much is known about the foldable handset from Samsung, but last we heard in terms of pricing, it might not be cheap as it could cost $2,500 ^( This could be most likely due to the fact that the phone is said to be a limited run device ^(, and also because the technology involved is also new.

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New LG Trademarks Hint At Plans For A Foldable Phone

We expect that come 2019, we can look forward to an influx of foldable smartphones. We know for a fact that Samsung is expected to launch their foldable phone in 2019 ^(, and Huawei is also expected to follow suit ^(, but now according to trademark filings discovered by LetsGoDigital ^(, LG could also be throwing their hat into the ring.

The report claims that LG has recently filed for trademarks for the names “Duplex”, “Foldi”, and “Flex”, which seem to indicate some kind of flexible device of sorts. This is actually not the first time that we’re hearing about LG’s plans for a foldable devices. Last year there was a patent ^( which revealed what the company imagines its foldable phone could look like, so these trademark filings don’t really come as a surprise.

There was also a report from last month ^( that revealed that LG could be teaming up with Lenovo to create a foldable tablet, although whether or not that device will be under LG’s brand or Lenovo’s brand is unclear. To be fair, LG has explored flexible display technology in the past. The company had previously launched the LG G Flex which showcased display technology that was curved, so moving on to truly flexible displays seems like the next logical step.

The concept of foldable phones definitely sounds great, but at the moment it’s really anyone’s guess as to whether or not the concept catches on and if there is truly a use for it, but we’ll probably have to wait until 2019 to find out.

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