Sony allegedly stopped Destiny 2 cross-platform character transfers

Sony allegedly stopped Destiny 2 cross-platform character transfers screenshot

Your Destiny 2 progress is stuck on one platform, locked to the system that you started it on. That doesn’t need to be the case. But, in a predictable story that should be filed under “Just Sony Things,” the blame for lack of character transfers falls on the shoulders of one familiar culprit.

In a recent episode of its Splitscreen podcast ^( (and as reported by VG247 ^(, Kotaku revealed that Sony is the lone party preventing Destiny 2 account migration and character transfers. The reasoning is that Sony “wants people to associate Destiny with PS4.” It’s a feature Bungie reportedly pushed for in the lead-up to the Forsaken add-on, but Sony wouldn’t budge.

So, what’s stopping PC and Xbox accounts from merging? Well, probably the fact that Sony wrapped up exclusive content rights for Destiny 2 ^( Activision surely wasn’t eager to burn a bridge with Sony by offering a much-requested feature on other platforms. Compounding matters, Activision could be contractually obligated to give PlayStation complete feature parity — meaning it couldn’t bring character transfers elsewhere without breaching that agreement. (However, it’s worth noting that Bungie and Activision recently parted ways ^(, and Bungie will now self-publish Destiny; this could be the impetus for character transfers in the future.

Whatever the arrangement, Sony is likely the only entity restricting Destiny 2 progress to a single platform. In certain cases, we’ve seen Sony lay down its guns ^( on this matter. Last September, after complaints from all corners of the internet, Fortnite players on PS4 were finally allowed to play with people on other platforms. But, Sony stands its ground when it best suits its cause, and that’s what’s happening here. The more things change, the more they stay the same — and that’s precisely why we can’t have character transfers and account migration in Destiny 2.

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PayPal Now Allowing Instant Bank Transfers In The United States

PayPal announced last year that it was making it possible for businesses to access their funds after a sale is generated. They could access funds from completed sales instantly provided certain conditions were met. This facility was not extended to individual users and they still had to wait for bank transfers. That changes today with PayPal’s new Instant Transfer option for users in the United States.

PayPal has launched an Instant Transfer option today in the United States which allows individual users to immediately transfer money into their bank account and not just their debit card. This also allows people without debit cards to have the capability to instantly credit funds from their PayPal accounts to their bank account. It’s also going to be very useful for freelancers and workers in the gig economy who have irregular payment schedules.

There is a 1 percent transaction fee for this so while it won’t be worth the charge in most cases, users will appreciate knowing that they now have the capability to instantly transfer PayPal funds to their bank account should they so require.

PayPal explained ^( to TechCrunch that this feature has been made possible in the United States through JPMorgan Chase’s access to The Clearing House. It’s a platform that’s used by major banks for a faster payments network.

PayPal Now Allowing Instant Bank Transfers In The United States ^(

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