Traveller in Playtime: Haunting Flooring

Traveller in Playtime: Haunting Ground screenshot

[Halloween is the easiest time to return and play some hidden horror gem stones from days previous – which is strictly what Kerrik52 does in his Haunting Grounds retrospective! I am a sucker for PS2-era horror video games, so with a bit of luck this tickles your fancy up to it did mine. Get your paintings on Destructoid’s entrance web page by means of writing a kickass weblog – bonus issues for bringing the spoop in those waning October days! – Wes]

Haunting Flooring (AKA Demento) is a survival horror sport made by means of Capcom. It stars Fiona and her dog significant other Hewie as they are trying to flee quite a lot of crazies within the grounds of Belli Fortress. It was once intended to be the 5th Clock Tower sport, however was its personal IP as an alternative. However it nonetheless has a lot Clock Tower DNA in it, because it constructed round escaping quite a lot of stalkers, no longer not like Clock Tower 3.