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Tricks Parcheesi Star: all the advice you need to play to win

El parcheesi all of life is reinvented for you to enjoy much more from the benefits it gives and internet applications.

If you like games that are fun, dynamic and you want to take all the fun in your mobile, you have to download the game of the moment. This game has become to stay, and returns renewed and with all the ingredients to engage older they yearn for their games to youth and to young who barely know one of the board games more universal.

Times have changed and you no longer need to carry the board and pieces, and you don’t even need the rest of the players are at your side. Parcheesi Star offers a playspace multiplayer from 2 to 4 players. Here you can enjoy a fun time with your friends or with strangers and chat with them while playing this game. In addition, it allows you to chat and send emojis to make the experience much more fun

Is available for iOS ^(https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/parchis-star/id1211118856?mt=8) and Android and you can play both in mobile and in tablets.

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Are there any hacks for Parcheesi Star?

Don’t be fooled by the websites that promise you secret tricks to mod Parcheesi Star, traps impossible and tips for tweaking the game that can be even harmful for your device. In addition, cheating is not the solution if what you want is to spend some fun time surrounded by people whose intention is also to have fun.

However, if your ambition is to also win and prove that this board you’re the king, with our tips, tricks, and secrets for play you’ll gain and what is best…for free, and without compromising the health of your mobile phone, a device that surely you’ll want to maintain in optimal conditions.

Here we will not ask you to install anything (in fact, we recommend to be careful with the websites that promise you exclusive content after you do the installation or ask you for personal data) Our goal is to give you all the tricks and tips that you need to get the most out of gems and coins. And all this without having to make purchases within the App.

trucos para ganar al parchís

Tips and Tricks in Parcheesi Star to Win Always

Do you want to know how to earn free coins and the best tricks to play parcheesi for free? With these tips you will not need to mod or know how to make traps in this application.

Follow our recommendations and you’ll be able to get gems unlimited and win is always (or almost always). Inside the App you’ll find options of paying through purchases of coins, gems, etc With our list of tips you will not need to spend anything and you’ll be able to play this exciting game totally free online.

The first thing you need to know is that this parcheesi online account with their own currencies, and rewards. It is a profit system designed to get more players and advertising for developers.

But we think of you, you, as a player, you want to get the maximum return on this game without having to invest money. Follow our and what you can get.

Tips of the parcheesi of a lifetime

Play parcheesi online is different to doing it on a physical support, but do not forget that the rules remain the same. The tricks and tools that used to be the best playing with your friends when you were a child, you may also serve to highlight now from your mobile. First of all, remember the importance of numbers here.

  • Within Parcheesi Star accounts with an extra advantage which enables you to get a 6 on the dice you have the option to move 7 boxes. Take advantage of this point to your favor and remember that the dice are your tools to win.
  • Although you should leave some random points, it will help you stand plan your moves and think of different combinations that you need to reach your goal. This will help you think faster each time, do the math mentally and make better plays. If you play with two dice, you will have more opportunities to get different combinations and will increase the chance of getting certain numbers.
  • Another important tip that will help you to overcome is that you always have to put a tab on risk is that it is the least advanced.
  • In addition we suggest that in case you have to risk a tab, think of the possibility that you have your opponents, risking yours in case you do not get the desired number. For example, it is preferable to set the tab to 2 steps ahead of your enemy than 5, as it is more likely that this will take a number greater than 2 greater than 5.
  • Do you want to win? In the event that you’re not doing, focus your objective on harming the leader, not those that are behind it.
  • Every time you eat one chip you get an additional bonus and also when you come with a tab to the box goal. Your goal should be to get these awards but, oh, beware of the penalties! When you get three rolls of the dice are doubles of the form followed by the tab that you take the more advanced you have to return to the box departure.

Playspace, cómo hackear parchís star,

You get that your opponent is despair and leave

With this trick you’ll be able to earn coins thanks to a system caused by a fault in the game. The key is to get your adversary to desist and leave the game before it even begins. Does it seem complicated? But oh no! With a few simple steps, you’ll win the game by abandoning your opponent and get the coins from the victory. This trick works best in a starting 1-on-1.

For a start, it enters in the game, let your opponent throw the dice and make your move. When it’s your turn to throw it stays doing nothing until the time your shift ends. Then will appear on your screen a box with the “Auto” mode uncheck that box and repeat the same action: don’t do anything. It is more likely that your opponent, seeing that you do nothing and never gets to the turn, leave the game by giving you the victory and the coveted coins.

Do not wager all the boxes secure

In Parcheesi Star there are this type of boxes in which we can rest for a while, without concerns that we eat our chips. But you should not abuse them, at any time a new roll of the dice can get you out of there and leave you at the mercy of your opponent who is waiting near. So our advice is that you try to stay as little time as possible in these boxes.

How to get the maximum number of coins and gems for free

You will find many tricks to mod this app and get coins and gems by cheating. But those tricks don’t usually work and, in addition, as we already mentioned, can be dangerous for your mobile device. Here we are going to give a few tips for you to earn the largest number of coins and gems for free, without buying anything within the App.

Social networks are your best ally to get gems for free

Parcheesi Star has a system that allows you to obtain rewards through promoting the game on social networks. Through the button on the underside of the gems you will earn prizes, with the various combinations that you get to throw the dice. If you manage to convince your friends to play with, you’ll have more opportunities to roll the dice and get prizes. For this to happen, send them given to your friends who are on the list of players, so they also will be sent to you and your chances of winning free prizes will increase.

Wide your network of friends in your playspace and your number of gems will grow without a break.

Complete leagues in Parcheesi Star

Within this game you will find different leagues and depending on the position in which you are located you’ll get different prizes. Choose the league in which you want to play and stay, each level is more complicated and requires a skill greater. That’s why we recommend you stay the maximum time possible in the league bronze, since it is easier and less complicated than the leagues above. Here you’ll be able to put into practice the tricks that you’ve taught and play without having to worry.


Would you have liked these tips and tricks to get the most out of Parcheesi Star? We are confident that if you follow them you will become a player feared and you will have at your fingertips all the coins and gems free, that you need to enjoy the game. I will never have a rival in the parcheesi!

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