Mega Man 11 producer tries to explain why Mega Man doesn’t have his iconic boss door entrance anymore

Mega Man 11 producer tries to explain why Mega Man doesn't have his iconic boss door entrance anymore screenshot

When my assessment of Mega Man 11 dropped, there have been sighs of reduction, gasps of disbelief, and memes. The maximum prevalent within the latter class was once unquestionably the fixation on Mega Man’s new boss door animation.

You see, prior to now Mega Man would cling his pose when leaping or sliding thru a boss door. It was once a a laugh little mini-game the place it is advisable to check out to get him to strike other stances, like him jumping throughout the gate in a position to face down a boss with his fingers prolonged, or with his fists over his face (a pose conceivable in later video games that I’d dub “the crybaby”). In Mega Man 11 that wasn’t conceivable as our hero would drop to the bottom straight away, reset, and stroll thru.

In the latest factor of Game Informer, producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya addresses this grievance, regardless that his reaction is not going to be excellent sufficient for many of you. Speaking to the mag, he notes that since there are spaces within the sport which can be “hooked up by way of horizontal shutters positioned within the flooring,” they “unified” the motion to direction right kind. Tsuchiya is going on to explain that “if avid gamers have been to slide onto the shutter, they’d then fall into the world beneath in the similar pose, which might be unnatural.”

So it was once a technical explanation why, I assume. One that they are able to perhaps rectify in Mega Man 12?

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