Adobr Updates Lightroom Apps for Mac and iOS With New Tutorials, Texture Tool and More

Adobr today announced ^( new Lightroom updates for the Lightroom iOS app and the Lightroom app designed for Macs.

In Lightroom for iOS (and Android), there’s a new Home view that offers up access to recent photos, interactive tutorials, and inspirational photos, providing you with ideas and the steps to execute those ideas.

Adobr’s new interactive tutorials for Lightroom walk you through each edit step-by-step, allowing you to adjust the sliders using Adobr’s guidance and instruction.

The inspirational photos let you see how a photo was made with a list of step-by-step edits available. You can open up the Edits control to open up a wheel where you’ll be able to scroll through the edits to see which settings were used.

Interactive tutorials and inspirational photos are limited to Adobr’s mobile Lightroom apps at the current time, but are coming to Macs in the future.

Adobr for Mac is gaining an updated help interface that provides more searchable information about each tool, along with built-in tutorials.

Starting today in all versions of Lightroom, there are updated collaboration features for inviting others to add photos to your album. You can also share a link that will let people request access to an album.

Also new to all versions of Lightroom is a Texture tool that will accentuate or smooth medium-sized details like skin, bark, and hair. It’s able to smooth skin without affecting pore details or accentuate hair without increasing the presence of noise because it’s specifically designed for medium-sized details.

On the Mac, there’s a new Defringe feature that’s designed to remove purple or green fringes that are caused by chromatic lens aberrations.

For Lightroom Classic specifically, the Flat-Field Correction option that was a plug-in is now built into the Library module. It’s a feature that’s designed to correct for sensor and lens characteristics that can cause asymmetrical color casts.

Lightroom for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store ^(, while Lightroom for Mac is available from Adobr ^( as part of its Photography specific and full Creative Cloud software plans.

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New Apple Watch Tutorials: How to Enable Fall Detection, Heart Health Notifications [VIDEOS]

Apple watch heart health

Apple has shared two new video tutorials for Apple Watch Series 4 ^( users, showing you have to turn on heart health notifications and also fall detection.

Canadian Apple Watch Series 4 ^( customers do not have access to the ECG feature yet, so they are unable to setup any irregular rhythm notifications:

With Apple Watch, you can set up notifications for high and low heart rate, and irregular rhythm.

Fall detection will automatically call emergency services and text your emergency contacts if you do not respond to a fall:

With fall detection activated, your Apple Watch can contact emergency services for you, if needed.

There’s no timeline on when the ECG feature within Apple Watch Series 4 will launch in Canada. We have a good chance it may be soon, since Apple expanded the feature to Europe and Hong Kong last month ^(

Health Canada told iPhone in Canada in March ^(, “Apple has communicated that they are working to bring the Apple Watch heart features to Canada soon. However, to date, Health Canada has not received an application.”

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