How To Browse All Sites With MTN mPulse 350MB And 1.2GB Plan Without Tweak

Ever since MTN launched the MTN mPulse plan that gives subscribers 350MB for N50 and 1.2GB for N150 to surf only on MTN approved mPulse websites, lots of folks have been using certain tweaks that involves the use of SSH account and certain vpn app to use it in accessing all sites.

But the main issue often encounter in such method is that the SSH account normally created has limited time and involves constant creation of fresh SSH account and using of config files to keep the connection alive in order to continue accessing different websites with it.

I am even sure that some of you are tired with the stressful process of creating SSH account and importing or setting up config files.


Today, we want to introduce a new, easy and fast way of using the MTN mPulse data to access all sites without any tweak.

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Without even wasting a single time, follow the steps below to start using your MTN mPulse data to access all sites

•  If you are not on MTN mPulse already, then migrate to the tariff plan by dialling *344*1#.

•  Subscribe to any of the two MTN mPulse plan of weekly N50 for 350mb or the monthly N150 for 1.2GB by dialling *344# and replying with 2 to make your choice.

•  Download and install Samsung Max VPN for your android device

•  Launch the app and you should see the “Mobile data saving mode”and “privacy protection” on the apps homepage, so just switch on both options on by swiping the buttons.


  Immediately you switch both options on, the VPN will automatically connect and you will see the key symbol at the top of your screen showing it is now connected.


  Launch any of your browser and start surfing and downloading the way you like.

Note: if you switch on the 2nd option, which is the privacy protection, you will notice a count-down time showing when the protection will expire; to remove that count-down timer, just tap on the app menu at the top left hand corner of your screen, select premium mode and switch it on, all for free.