Review: Twelve South’s $50 PlugBug Duo is a Useful Travel Companion

Twelve South has lengthy introduced a PlugBug accent designed to supply interchangeable plugs for commute functions, however previous this month, an up to date model debuted that provides an additional USB port.

The new Twelve South PlugBug Duo is a super commute accent as it provides global plugs for your MacBook adapter and it allows you to rate equipment like an iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch whilst charging your computer.

Design sensible, when it comes out of the field, the PlugBug Duo is an identical in form to the ability adapter for a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. To use it, despite the fact that, the ground portion snaps off to expose a slide and hook mechanism.

Attaching it to a MacBook energy adapter calls for popping off the plug a part of the adapter and changing it with the snap-on PlugBug Duo element. It’s a easy substitute that took me a few seconds to do.

PlugBug Duo is created from a shiny crimson plastic subject matter that is relatively eye catching, and whilst the standard of the plastic does not relatively measure as much as the Apple energy adapter, it isn’t a long way off.

The PlugBug Duo can function a everlasting substitute for the plug portion of the ability adapter, to be used each at house and when touring. Size sensible, it traces up smartly with the 87W MacBook Pro charger, however it is better than the 29W/30W and 61W chargers for the MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro.

In my pictures, as an example, I have connected it to the MacBook charger. It’s wider at the proper facet than the ability adapter and it provides greater than an inch of bulk on the most sensible because of the two USB ports, but it surely takes up much less area than separate charging bricks for my iPad and iPhone.

The PlugBug Duo does upload additional dimension to a energy adapter, however I did not really feel find it irresistible was once so cumbersome that it changed into much less moveable.

It’s value noting that with the PlugBug connected, you might be no longer in a position to make use of the Power Adapter Extension Cable. If you need to make use of the Extension Cable, it is important to take away the PlugBug to connect it to the ability adapter. I do not most often use the Extension Cable, particularly when touring, so I did not have a downside with the tradeoff.

There are two USB-A ports at the PlugBug Duo, one that is 2.1A and perfect for charging an iPad and one that is 1A, which is appropriate for an iPhone or Apple Watch. You too can use the 2.1A port to extra temporarily rate an iPhone, however this is not an adapter you will want to use for one thing like two iPads. I discovered it specifically helpful for charging an iPhone within the 2.1A port and an Apple Watch within the 1A port.

While you’ll be able to use the PlugBug Duo at house so as to add additional USB ports for your energy adapter, the place it in reality shines is commute. It’s helpful no longer having to take alongside additional energy adapters for your entire gadgets. As with the usual energy adapter, the prongs at the PlugBug tuck in when it isn’t in use (this is restricted to the U.S. and China adapters).

PlugBug Duo is supreme for global commute since the plug portion snaps off and Twelve South ships it with a number of different interchangeable adapters that can be utilized in different nations.

There are adapters for Europe, China, Australia/New Zealand, North America, and the United Kingdom, with greater than 150 nations lined in overall. I did not commute in a foreign country all through my time checking out the PlugBug, however I will be able to say that it is lovely easy to change out the plugs when wanted.

Even in case you are no longer touring out of the country, PlugBug Duo has the possible to be helpful simply because it allows you to rate a MacBook and two different equipment at one time.

I do want that Twelve South had incorporated some more or less little pouch to stay the adapters in position when no longer in use, however with out a pouch, I am the use of the field, which does have handy cutouts for each and every one.

I additionally want that the PlugBug Duo had a position to wrap up the twine when packing it up for commute, however Apple’s personal USB-C energy adapters do not be offering that capability both so I will be able to’t bitch an excessive amount of.

PlugBug Duo labored smartly with the two USB-C energy adapters I examined it with, however additionally it is suitable with all MagSafe 2 energy adapters, all MagSafe energy adapters, and the 12W iPad energy adapter.

Bottom Line

The PlugBug Duo is a nice little commute accent that gives a lot of software, providing up other adapters for commute and two USB-A ports so you do not wish to raise round further adapters for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

It’s no longer affordable at $50, however the software that is introduced turns out value the fee should you commute on a widespread foundation.

How to Purchase

The PlugBug Duo may also be bought from the Twelve South website online for $49.99.

Note: Twelve South supplied appmarsh with a PlugBug Duo for the aim of this evaluation. No different reimbursement was once won.

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