OnePlus’ Headphone Adapter Now Costs Nearly Twice As Much

OnePlus recently launched their new OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone and by all accounts, it is an excellent handset ^( However, it seems that OnePlus has decided that they will not give the phone a headphone jack as they have done previously, but to make it worse, OnePlus has stopped bundling the headphone jack adapter with the handset.

Now, this wouldn’t really be that much of an issue because you can always buy the adapter separately, but it seems that OnePlus has made it more expensive. Previously, the adapter was priced at $8 which was pretty cheap, but now it seems that its price has been raised to $13 in the US.

Interestingly enough, the price hike only seems to be largely targeting the US market because in other parts of the world, after conversion, it is still roughly around the $8 price range. For those who are thinking of just buying a third-party adapter, as Android Police notes, this might be tricky due to the use of USB-C, in which not all adapters are compatible and will work.

If you’re fine paying those prices, then head on over to the OnePlus website ^( to get your hands on it. Otherwise, maybe it’s time to start doing some research on which third-party USB-C headphone adapters will play nicely with your handset.

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How difficult was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice for you?

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