GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti unboxed

These stunning graphics playing cards are simply ready to be punished with benchmarks.

The arrival of a brand new sequence of graphics playing cards is all the time an tournament—it’s not relevant if it is AMD or Nvidia, and even Intel. The final main GPU structure release from Nvidia used to be in March 2018, when Pascal arrived. Two and a part years can really feel like an eternity from time to time. We’ve equipped an in-depth take a look at the technical main points of the Nvidia Turing structure ^(, mentioned ray tracing ^(, and collected the entirety you want to understand in regards to the GeForce RTX 2080 ^( But now the playing cards are after all right here, and it is time to unpack and get started benchmarking.

Nvidia’s graphics card companions may just be told a factor or two about packaging from the Founders Edition playing cards. There aren’t any garish pictures or advertising and marketing claims, only a easy field with the identify of the product. I am getting that Asus, EVGA, Gigabyte, MSI, et al are all seeking to stake out mindshare and determine their manufacturers, however the understated styling of Nvidia’s field and playing cards merits some reward.

Opening up the field is the place I truly respect Nvidia’s consideration to element. There’s a robust foam shell that conforms effectively to the GeForce RTX playing cards, quite than reasonable cardboard or Styrofoam. You get the sense that FedEx or UPS may just kick the field round and the cardboard would not be in danger. Such top class packaging will not be viable on the cheap or midrange GPU, however with the Founders Edition RTX playing cards costing $799 for the 2080 and $1,199 for the 2080 Ti, there is no wish to skimp.

Other than the facility connectors and the labels, the RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti are mainly twins. They have the similar video outputs, the cooling seems to be equivalent, and even weight is just about the similar. Speaking of which, the graphics playing cards themselves have a weightiness to them that provides self belief within the cooling functions, and Nvidia has made some daring claims about advanced thermals, energy, and overclocking that I am keen to check.

The RTX 208 for example has 8-pin and 6-pin PCIe energy connections, whilst the RTX 2080 Ti has twin 8-pin connections. For 225W and 260W reputable TDPs (10W upper than the reference, due to the manufacturing facility overclock), there is nonetheless various further energy on faucet—even taking into consideration the 35W that VirtualLink can draw when it is in use. Between the motherboard PCIe x16 slot and the PEG connections, the 2080 has 300W to be had and the 2080 Ti has 375W on faucet. I believe we would possibly not come just about maxing out the facility supply with out resorting to a couple excessive cooling.

I am not relatively as satisfied in regards to the shift from blower lovers to twin axial lovers. The twin lovers will without a doubt be capable to cool the GPU, however for smaller circumstances I truly favored having a blower that may vent the warmth clear of different parts. The pursuit of decrease noise ranges favors the twin fan way, so I perceive the reasoning, however I have used relatively a couple of GPUs over time and my revel in is that blower lovers are some distance much less more likely to fail. I have had two blowers the place a fan failed (HD 4870 X2 and an HD 5870, if you are questioning), in comparison to dozens of failed lovers for outdoor coolers. The Nvidia lovers at the RTX playing cards do glance lovely powerful, however handiest time will inform in the event that they hang up in addition to lovers at the older reference playing cards.

Technically fraternal twins, however you would not know to have a look at them.

The just right information is that with the graphics playing cards—and extra importantly, the most recent Nvidia drivers—now in hand, I will get to benchmarking. We’ll have complete opinions of each the 2080 and 2080 Ti Founders Editions up by the point the playing cards are on the market, subsequent Friday. Stay tuned!

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