Google Brings All Of Its Travel Tools Together Under ‘Trips’ Website

As some of you might know, Google has several products and services related to travel (much to the chagrin of many other travel websites). If you do prefer using Google as your source for travel-related information, like to find flights, book hotels, or find out information about the place you’re about to visit, Google has just made your life a lot easier.

The company has recently launched a new website called Trips. We know that some of you might be thinking of Google Trips ^(, the company’s offline travel companion app, but it’s not the same, even though they kind of serve similar-ish purposes. With Trips, Google has provided travelers with a one-stop-shop for searching for flights, booking hotels, and searching for guides.

These features aren’t new but as The Verge points out, prior to this, those features were kind of scattered all over Google’s products. For example, searching for a hotel and looking for things to do was under Google Maps, meaning that for some, it might not be the most obvious place to look. However, with Trips, Google has made it a lot easier.

Given the shared name with Google Trips, we’re not sure if this could be a sign of changes to come to the app, so we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, if you’re interested in exploring this new website, head on over here for the details.

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Meet Fitbit Charge 3 – The under PHP 10K fitness tracker you need?

Fitbit launched the Charge 3 ^( in Q4 2018. It is the first wearable to have an inductive button with more intuitive and interactive on-device experience.

Meet Fitbit Charge 3 - The under PHP 10K fitness tracker you need?
Fitbit Charge 3

This is the latest fitness band under Fitbit’s Charge series following the Charge which was launched in 2018. Let’s take a look at how well is Fitbit Charge 3 performance!

Meet the Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 arrives in a tall white box with the unit inside, USB Type-A charger, and paper manual.

Fitbit Charge 3, unboxed!
Fitbit Charge 3, unboxed!

The Charge 3 features a slim body made of aluminum. It has a rectangular screen, and when worn, feels comfortably light. 

It has no any buttons aside from the so-called inductibe button placed on the edge of its left side. You can use it to wake the screen or go back to the home display of the tracker. When pressed, it gives you a little tactile vibration as a prompt that it’s working.

Inductible button placed on the left side
Inductible button placed on the left side

On the underside, you can see the PurePulse heart rate monitor along with the SpO2 Pulse oximetry sensor.

Inductible button is cool!

There is also an ‘eject’ button like on the strap design. It gave us the easiness of interchanging the strap from small to large size. 

PurePulse heart rate monitor along with SpO2 pulse oximetry sensor
PurePulse heart rate monitor along with SpO2 pulse oximetry sensor

The charger can easily be attached to the watch. We just simply locked the watch’s two charging port underside to the charger two pins and we’re all set! We liked the opening of the charger on the side of the inductible button giving us an access to wake the watch while charging to check on it.

The Charge 3 features a touchscreen, grayscale OLED display. You can adjust the level of brightness according to your preference in the settings.  The overall display is okay but could’ve been better if it had colored display. 

The overall display is okay

Fitbit might have decided to make it on a grayscale type for longer battery hours. We also wished that the screen size is a bit bigger since it looks like it didn’t have a upgrade from the Charge 2’s previous screen size.

Fitbit grayscale OLED display
Fitbit grayscale OLED display

According to Fitbit, the Charge 3 is equipped with LiPo battery with up to 7 days usage life with 2 hours charging time. However, in our real-life usage, it only lasts up to four days while connected to our phone continuously. 

It takes two hours to charge from 0 to 100 percent.

The rest of the features

Fitbit Charge 3 has built-in, default exercises you can try everyday. Be it walking, running, or simple exercises you can do at home, it’s there. You can also use it while swimming and see how many laps you did.

Fitbit app is available both on iOS and Android
Fitbit app is available both on iOS and Android

Connecting Fibit Charge 3 with smartphone is very seamless at first time. However, when the battery gets drained, the Charge 3 would automatically disconnect with the smartphone and the time it displays gets stucked. 

I’ve encountered it a lot of times and I am disappointed with how it is so hard to resync the Charge 3 with the smartphone. It would take me how many resets, turn on and off before it would do successful connection and syncing. 

Fitbit app's Dashboard (left) and Challenges (right) features
Fitbit app’s Dashboard (left) and Challenges (right) features

It would even cause me to connect it as a new Charge 3 device and loose all my fitness track records. I’ve heard this same problem with my friends who are using other Fitbit smartwatch units.

Hoping that Fitbit would do any firmware update with their application to make the syncing better. My advice for you to not encounter this problem is not to drain your Fitbit to 0 percent, as possible as you can.

Fitbit app's Guidance (left) and Community (right) features
Fitbit app’s Guidance (left) and Community (right) features

But with me who is a busy person and always gets my devices batteries’ drained a lot, this is something worth noting.

Fitbit Charge 3 Specs

Display: Bigger Gorilla Glass 3 protected Grayscale OLED touchscreen
Battery: LiPo with up to 7 days battery life w/ 2 hours charging time
Compatibility: Android and iOS
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC (special edition only)
Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor, altimeter, vibration motor, elative SpO2
Others: Swimproof design, Fitbit Pay Colors: black with graphite aluminum, blue grey with rose gold aluminum; for Special Edition: lavender woven with rose gold aluminum, white frost sport band with graphite aluminum
Price: PHP 9,990, PHP 10,990 (Special Edition)

Quick thoughts

Overall, the Fitbit Charge 3 is something you should get if you’re looking for one of the best fitness trackers for under PHP 10K. It has all the features you need and a very lightweight feel that wouldn’t make you feel any uncomfortable while doing your exercises or just wearing it anywhere.