Crossfire PH Public Update [8-20-2018] Simple Hack no Menu v4

Check out my New Simple Hack no Menu v4
[8-20-2018] only
Always Updated


[F1]Superkill (30%)

How to use

On the 1st inject it will detect Xtrap “Rootkit”, use Killswitch then Redo the injection.

[Xenos] Inject after Setting sets
Xenos Injector TUT.png

[DX] Inject after HGWC finish loads
DX Injector TUT.PNG

Click “OK” to proceed
Features v2.png

Use dummy account 1st every day, for any possible detection
Don’t use the hax when 5:00-6:00 PM (PH Time) possible cause for restriction

No Hit n’ Run Hit the THANKS button
Working 100% tested

Credits to following, for helping me this method

Respect List !
@leoj cruz
@rusel bio

Special Thanks !

Download Here: ^(