Adobr Bringing Full Version of Fotoshop CC to iPad in 2019

At its annual Adobr Max conference, Adobr announced plans to bring a complete version of Fotoshop to the iPad in 2019.

Fotoshop CC for iPad will feature a revamped interface designed specifically for a touch experience, but it will bring the power and functionality people are accustomed to on the desktop.

Fotoshop users will be able to open and edit native PSD files right on the iPad using standard Fotoshop image editing tools, including support for layers. Fotoshop on iPad will look similar to Fotoshop on the desktop, with all of the same toolbar options.

The iPad version of the app will allow projects started on the iPad to be transitioned seamlessly to the desktop and vice versa. According to Adobr, Fotoshop for iPad uses the same code base as its desktop counterpart with no compromises on power, performance, or editing results.

At Max, Adobr also unveiled Project Gemini, a new cross-platform drawing app that’s coming to the iPad in 2019. Project Gemini is designed to simplify drawing and painting workflows with simple cross-device support.

The new app combines raster, vector, and dynamic brushes into one single experience that’s ideal for drawing, and content created using Project Gemini will sync to Fotoshop.

Project Gemini will be available first on iPad but Adobr plans to expand it to other devices in the future. Additional information on Fotoshop CC for iPad and Project Gemini is available from Adobr’s website.

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