Apple Launches ‘Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard’ iPhone Game, Similar to Atari’s Paperboy

Warren buffet paper wizard 2

Apple has helped Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffet launch a new iPhone game called Paper Wizard, which looks like a throwback to Atari’s Paperboy.

Tim Cook attended Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, this weekend, and celebrated the fact Buffet’s company invests in Apple ^(

According to CNN ^(, it was here Cook unveiled a new game called Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard, a game where you toss papers for points, just like the classic game, Paperboy:

If you go to the App Store, there is now a new game called Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard. It’s a nod to Buffett’s childhood job of delivering newspapers. Buffett used to do a live paper toss at the shareholder meeting, but he’s now doing it virtually instead.

In an amusing video promo at the start of the shareholder meeting Saturday, Buffett was shown trying and failing to come up with ideas for an app, including a Time Machine where Buffett tells a kid version of himself to buy Apple stock — which is now Berkshire’s largest holding.

Cook then comes up with the idea for a newspaper toss.

As spotted by appmarsh ^(, despite the developer being named Wildlife Designs Inc., the terms of the app reveal it is actually Apple behind the game–its first gaming release in 11 years:

While the game’s developer is listed as Wildlife Designs, Inc on the App Store, the app is copyrighted, maintained, and operated by Apple according to its terms and conditions, making this the first game Apple has developed for the iPhone since Texas Hold’em back when the App Store launched in 2008.

Click here to download Warren Buffet’s Paper Wizard ^( in the App Store—it’s free.

CEO Tim Cook Says Warren Buffett’s Investment Proves Apple is a ‘Consumer Company,’ Not a Tech Company

Apple CEO Tim Cook ^( said that Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett understands that Apple has evolved from a tech company to a consumer products company.

A new report ^( from CNBC explains that Cook attended the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting in Omaha, Nebraska this weekend. While in Omaha, Cook said that he’s “thrilled” to see Warren Buffett invest in the Cupertino company, despite the fact that the latter doesn’t usually invest in tech companies. As Apple’s iPhone sales have been dwindling, it has been steadily increasing its focus on consumer services.

According to Cook, Warren Buffett ^( “has been very clear, he didn’t invest in technology companies and companies he didn’t understand. He’s been totally clear with that. And so he obviously views Apple as a consumer company.”

“We believe that technology should be in the background, not the foreground, and that technology should empower people to do things and help them do things they couldn’t do otherwise,” Cook continued. “We’re in the tech industry, but we work at that intersection of technology and the liberal arts and the humanities, and so we make products for people, and so the consumer’s and the center of what we do.”

While Cook admits that Apple ^( is certainly situated right in the middle of the tech industry, he explains that his company is also straddling the line between technology and consumer products.

“We’re in the tech industry,” Cook explained. “But we work at that intersection of technology and the liberal arts and the humanities. And so we make products for people, and so the consumer [is] at the center of what we do.”

According to Cook, Buffett’s investment in the company “seemed like recognition” of Apple’s continued evolution as a company. “We run the company for the long term,” said Cook. “And so the fact that we’ve got the ultimate long-term investor in the stock is incredible.”

Berkshire Hathaway’s previous investment in a tech company ended after it effectively sold its stake in IBM in 2018, after which it increased its investment in Apple. Buffett’s company has, however, slowly begun to invest in more tech-related companies, as it has recently begun buying shares in Amazon ^(