Distinctive Releases • WINDY: wind & local weather forecast v5.1.5 [Pro]

WINDY: wind & local weather forecast v5.1.5 [Pro]
Prerequisites: 4.1+
Overview: Windy is a handy wind forecast app for over the top sports activities actions in step with wind and other outdoor movements (SUP, fishing, bike, RC pilotage).


Now we determined to build micro staff on spots to
exchange local weather reports. If you want to be a space leader – send us the name of the spot and we will add chat there (on [email protected]).

You are able to see all local weather wisdom on one show. You are able to see at a glance wind prerequisites for next ten days in Windy-bar or find additional precise details in Windy-table.
Moreover check out our WOW-feature: animated wind map – it shows how the winds blow on the globe.

Design is our number one passion. We are taking a look to show you wind in most pretty means.

It is the must have app for:
– kitesurfing,
– windsurfing,
– snowkiting,
– yacht and sailing navigation,
– paragliding,
– skydiving,
– watching for hurricanes and storms,
– cycling – we’ve numerous bicyclists,
– kayaking
– wakeboarding

Among our consumers Moreover we’ve drone pilots, wind power producers, crane operators, windy the town normal people, golfing players.

And very popular among fishermen – we nevertheless have no idea why:) Then again we will increase the choices for them too. What about sharing your catch on the lake?

Windy choices:

animated wind radar – must have for sail and yachting and in addition for kiting in gentle wind. Not unusual people can loosen up and meditate watching animated wind.
☆ spot chat – now the person with
anemometer can write local weather prerequisites in chat from kite spot

local wind forecast for the next 10 days with 3 hours step in knots / beaufort / mps (like windguru GFS27 from NOAA)

wind pace, wind gusts, temperature, (указать в чем показывается температура) cloud cover, precipitation (rain and snow)
☆ ocean waves (and sea)

over 30.000 spots sorted and positioned by way of the kind and house

assemble your own spots map in favorites

observe hurricanes and storms (Miami, Carolina and lots of others.)

free nautical charts map

Why Windy:
– it’s made by way of
wind-addicted as you

recent and simple design makes it extremely stunning
– the
most effective cellular app with riders chats that are realy will art work and have the same opinion to become a space on a spot faster

Windy roadmap:
– energy, humidity and other local weather parameters
– add precise wisdom from local weather stations (like in Windy for iOS)
– higher answer and precise forecast (WRF, NAM, NOAA)
– forecast for novices – enter your weight and kite sizes and we will tell you which one to take
– tides, water prerequisites (flat, chop and so on)
– personal messaging and private chats for kiteboarding and windsurfing colleges, kite repair and condo
– wind energy and blowing
– notifications and wind indicators for upper prerequisites on favorite spots
– spot voting and ratio
– air energy for fishing
– offline forecast for yachting
– hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons notifications

Created by way of kitesurfers for wind addicted in designed style and simple interface!
We are open to your entire wishes and advices and wait your feedback and recommendations to be the best wind sport device.
Follow us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/windyapp.co

Trade will have to move away us contacts on [email protected] – we are making cool choices for you.

Rider, take your kite, wakeboard, windsurf, parachute or paddle and board, ask your pals in chats about wind prerequisites and go for a commute! Have fun! Let the wind be with you!


NEW: Offline mode
Now you’ll be able to check forecasts and wind map even though you find yourself offline.
Now we have now moreover very a lot stepped ahead our server pace & stability. Forecasts on the spots will download so much faster!

This app has no commercials

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