Don’t I get messages from WhatsApp until I open it: what to do

WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging methods most used in the world, because of their effectiveness in sending messages is immediate. However, sometimes this application may have a small problem: The messages do not arrive until when you open the application.

What has happened to this? Don’t worry, it is a common problem have many users of the app WhatsApp ^(, the solution to this drawback is much more simple of what you yourself believe. Below, I ‘ll explain to you solutions to when the WhatsApp messages don’t arrive.

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Why don’t I get chats from WhatsApp if I do not open the application?

Sometimes WhatsApp may have their slight faults both when sending and receiving messages on your system. If you’re one of those affected by this problem, we want to tell you that it has a solution and can be caused by one of these following causes:

  • Not correctly connected to the Wifi network or do not have a data plan.
  • The platform of WhatsApp has problems or is not available.
  • The device does not have correctly configured notifications.
  • You have the battery saver mode or do not disturb activated.
  • Problems with notifications Push.

Solutions to this error

Can be multiple reasons why we encounter this annoying error. To avoid this, we can apply different solutions that the platform of WhatsApp us delivery both for Android ^( and for iOS ^( Now, we will review each one of them.

We recommend that, prior to attempting any of these solutions, to make or to review the above to see if your problem is solved. If you did so without any success, keep reading.

Solutions for Android

If you are a user that has a mobile device either phone or tablet Android, and not get to see notifications from WhatsApp until I open the app, you can try one of these solutions official:

  • Resets the preferences to default mode for WhatsApp, this you can find in the section of Settings or Configuration of your Android.
  • Check that you’re connected to a Wifi network or your data plan: This is very important, since most of the WhatsApp messages come through this route. You should confirm with your mobile operator, as well as your supplier website, you don’t have any problem to access the same.
  • Checks the restriction of background data: Reviews that effectively the background data are restricted to your device, finding within the settings WhatsApp the usage section of data.
  • Test by restarting the mobile after you have switched it off for about 30 seconds, so that the same may have a reset cash and close out all the apps.
  • Verify that your session on WhatsApp Web is kept closed properly, because, if the window is open, you may not be able to view.
  • Reviews that are not it is battery saver mode enabled as well as in the do not disturb mode. Both modalities in Android prevents the device from receiving information in their applications.

How to solve the problem in iOS

Now, if you are a user of iOS on either your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you are having problems receiving your apps, don’t worry. Here we will explain to you that you can be happening, and how you can fix it:

  • Check that the notifications are properly configured: And with this we mean the strips, the balloons and the sounds, as some may not be set correctly for your iOS. This you can do it from the Settings section.
  • Correctly configure the notifications in the mobile: For that you’ll need to the section of settings and notifications within the app. There you can choose any sound that you want to change, as well as the vibration when receiving messages.
  • Check that you don’t have problems with the service of APNS: This system is the one that controls the sending of notifications of WhatsApp to each Apple device.
  • Format your Apple device to its factory state: This should be the last alternative that you should take in case you can’t resolve this issue after trying the steps above. It is important that the backup of your device is available and do not miss your information.

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