How to Access Websites Without Internet Connection in Android – Offline Browsing

Internet has changed the entire world into one. If we don’t know about a place or if we aren’t quite sure about a legend’s birthday, we simply go to internet and search for the information. Internet has bring the world into our palm. So in today’s article I’m going to discuss something related to internet.

Normally if we need to access any websites to find information, we must need a stable internet connection. If you’re using 2G or 3G type internet connection then browsing wont be upto the speed we expect. For example say; your college assignment deadline date is so close and you’re finding some information related to the assignment in web using poor internet connection. In such a situation you might get irritated or you might fail to do the task within the time frame. To avoid such a situations, how would it be if you can access all your favourite websites offline.

Yes, in this post I’m going to introduce such an android application which let you to access all your favourite websites even if the internet connection is not available. This app might be useful in many situations such as when the internet connection is not available at a certain time or internet connection is very slow in a particular area.

Offline browser is an android application available at google playstore for free of cost. It lets you to download your favorite websites entirely and allows you to access the particular site whenever you want. So let’s have a look on how to use this app and download our favorite website for offline purposes.

Access Your Favourite Websites in Offline Mode

First of all, you have to download the Offline browser to your android phone from google playstore.

Once you finish the installation process, start the app and you will find a + sign as shown below.

Now a window will appear as shown below and request you to enter the website url and name that you want to download entirely for offline purpose. Enter the website url that you want to download and click on download button.

Now wait for sometimes till the download process gets finished. Please note that download time depends on the website size.

Once the download is finished, your favorite website will be available to access offline inside the app.

That’s it. You’re done. You have successfully downloaded your favorite website for offline access which let you to access it anytime without internet connection. Now you can simply click on the website title and check the site.

So this is one of the simple offline web browser available for android smartphone without any high technical knowledge required to use. You can download this Offline browser by Clicking here.

This app might be useful to access your regular visiting sites in quick time, if you’re using poor internet connection or if the internet connection signal is weak at your area.