Sony Xperia XZ4 allegedly got an AnTuTu score of 395Okay!

I_Leak_VN leaked an alleged AnTuTu score of a tool with I8134 style quantity on Twitter. Allegedly, it’s Sony’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Xperia XZ4.
Sony Xperia XZ4 allegedly got an AnTuTu score of 395K!
A monster if true

An upcoming monster telephone!

At AnTuTu, the stated instrument got an enormous score of 395,721! It this leak is right, it’s the best possible AnTuTu score ever on a smartphone.

The present best scorers are A12 Bionic powered Apple’s iPhone XS sequence with 360Okay score and Kirin 980 powered Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 310Okay. Previously, the Snapdragon 855 got a leaked score of 360Okay as smartly. All of the ones telephones are the usage of new 7nm chips.

However, allow us to all remember that benchmark effects are simple to control. For now, we can not ascertain the validity of this file.

However, remember that benchmarking effects are simple to spoof and at this level, we can not vouch for the reliability of this check.

Take this leak/rumor with a pinch of salt till the rest authentic is disclosed.

Source: I_Leak_VN