Tekken x Street Fighter is somehow still alive, Switch port of Tekken 7 might be possible

Tekken x Street Fighter is somehow still alive, Switch port of Tekken 7 might be possible screenshot

During a Kuro Kuro drinking party of all places we’ve just obtained several fairly big bits of news for the Tekken franchise.

Producer and lifeblood of the series, Katsuhiro Harada, shared that yes, Tekken x Street Fighter is not completely canceled and is still on hold. This is the same game announced back in 2019 along with Street Fighter X Tekken (which did come out) and put on ice in 2019, mind.While we knew that much already, he explains that development is “roughly 30% done.” Harada also openly acknowledges the possibility of another season pass (a scheme Capcom recently dumped for Street Fighter V) and a Switch port for Tekken 7.

In a super 2019 “we aren’t sure if the Switch is cool yet” fashion, Harada says that “fan demand” is key to getting the game on Switch, and doesn’t outright deny that it’s possible. While that’s better than nothing (Mighty No. 9 flashbacks), this notion that the fans somehow need to demand a port on a widely successful system that’s selling like hotcakes is silly.

As Daymond John of Shark Tank fame would say: “at this point you just want free publicity. I’m out.”

Kurokuro9696japan [Twitch via GoNintendo]

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