Telegram C# C2 – A Command and Control Tool for Telegram Bot Communication

Command and Keep an eye on for C# Writing
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HttpToSocks5Proxy supplied

// the usage of MihaZupan;

var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy(Socks5ServerAddress, Socks5ServerPort);

// Or if you wish to have credentials in your proxy server:
var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy(
Socks5ServerAddress, Socks5ServerPort, "USERNAME", "PASSWORD"

// Means that you can use proxies which can be simplest permitting connections to Telegram
// Wanted for some proxies
proxy.ResolveHostnamesLocally = true;

var botClient = new TelegramBotClient("YOUR_API_TOKEN", proxy);


assemble all DLL recordsdata into an EXE document

First,You wish to have obtain ILMerge device,this can be a device for merging all references to .NET techniques.

ilmerge.exe /goal:exe /out:TGbot.exe ConsoleApp1.exe  AForge.Controls.dll AForge.dll AForge.Imaging.dll AForge.Math.dll AForge.Video.DirectShow.dll AForge.Video.dll Newtonsoft.Json.dll Telegram.Bot.dll /targetplatform:v4

/goal -> library=>DLL exe=>exe

/targetplatform:v4 -> Compiler platform is .web 4.0

/out -> Merged output document,Parameters are adopted by way of recordsdata that wish to be merged
In any case, generate output within the listing laid out in the out parameter

Obtain Telegra_Csharp_C2

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