The Division 2 Disc Buyers Have To Install A 50GB Day One Patch

Did you purchase a physical disc of the upcoming title The Division 2? If the answer is yes, be prepared to download a chunky day one patch when the game officially releases in the coming week. The Division 2 is going to be released next week for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Players who picked up a disc of this title for the aforementioned platforms will have to get the day one patch installed first. The file size will be around 50GB so they better be on a solid internet connection or it could take a while before they can take the title for a spin.

The prompt to download this update will come up after the game is installed. The download size will range from 48GB-52GB depending on players’ region and their preferred language. Whether the game was installed using a disc or bought digitally, the final install size on the HDD will be 48GB-52, including the patch.

Ubisoft also mentions that starting March 11th, players will also be prompted to download and install Title Update 1.5. This update will be around 2GB in size and is primarily going to address issues with the audio missing or cutting out as experienced by some players during the open beta.

Early access for The Division 2 begins March 12th at midnight, local time in each country for eligible editions. The full launch is going to take place on March 15th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Division 2 Disc Buyers Have To Install A 50GB Day One Patch

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