The endless story: Apple asks for $ 1 billion from Samsung for plagiarism

Apple and Samsung are once again in court, once again, to determine how much Samsung should pay Apple for infringing the iPhone’s design patents.

Samsung was found guilty of violating Apple’s patents in 2018, basically by copying the company’s iPhone from the bitten apple. But since then both firms have been fighting in an endless court battle over the past six years for the amount that Apple should receive.

Since Samsung have appealed several times the sentence, and have tried to reduce the demand for plagiarism to the maximum. Apple, for its part, asks for nothing more or less than 1,000 million dollars.

The judicial battle between Apple and Samsung continues

The trial, on this occasion, focuses on deciding whether the damages should be based on the total value of the device, or whether Samsung should only pay a fine based solely on the elements of the iPhone that it copied .

From Apple, obviously, they think that the payment should be based on the total value of the iPhone, while in Samsung they think that the amount they should pay is lower. Samsung’s lawyer, John Quinn, mentioned the following:

    “They’re just looking for benefits over the entire phone, Apple’s design patents do not cover the entire phone.”

The last to testify was Greg Joswiak , vice president of product marketing at Apple, and said that the design of the iPhone is a fundamental part of Apple’s products and that the company took many risks in its development.

    Joswiak: With the #iPhone , “we were really risking everything that was making Apple successful at the time … We really were betting the company.” #appsung
    – Mike Swift (@Swiftstories) May 15, 2018

When Samsung was found guilty of violating Apple’s patents, it was ruled that Apple should pay a total of 1,000 million . But this amount was finally reduced to 548 million dollars .

Of those 548 million dollars (which Samsung already paid in 2018), 399 million belonged to design patent infringement. From Samsung, back then, they said it was a disproportionate payment. Now they try to limit the damage to 28 million dollars.

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