The first Dead Cells DLC is gonna rough us up

The first Dead Cells DLC is gonna rough us up screenshot

Dead Cells was a roaring good time, but if there’s one thing I would’ve liked to see, it was more bosses. When the first DLC releases soon, my wish will come true. Rise of the Giant is a free add-on “mostly aimed at the people who have been hanging around since day one.” Our suffering will be legendary.

Coming first to PC on March 28, Rise of the Giant includes a Cavern biome attached to the Graveyard (after beating the game) and a not-so-hidden level for “masochists who know that there is a Boss Cell 5.” Two new levels means two new bosses, the latter of which is summed up as “insanely difficult.”

The DLC also includes three more skills (like a pet bird and a one-use scroll to reveal your current level’s map), ten extra weapons (I hope you’re into axes), and ten new enemies (like the crow boy above).

Oh, and character skins too. “People have been requesting this for ages and we’ve finally found the time to make the necessary changes to accommodate the request,” said developer Motion Twin. “You’ve now got access to female skins, fluro skins, and a Christmas tree skin, cos why the hell not.”

Ending the Steam page for Rise of the Giant on a positive note, the team says “we’re not done, we’ll be continuing to make content for the game for as long as you keep demanding it, so feel free to let us know what you’d like to see and if we can make any changes that would make you happy.”

For all you number munchers out there, you can find the exhaustive Dead Cells patch notes here.

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