The Google Play Store might eventually get the new Material Design treatment

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The next app to get Google’s new Material Design makeover could be the Google Play Store, according to appmarsh‘s APK teardown a few days ago of version 14.5.52.

As seen in the comparison shots below, the biggest change is the prevalence of white. Unlike the current version of the Play Store, this version doesn’t even include dividers for apps and content within specific sections.

Some will like the minimalist approach, while others will admonish Google for the lack of color with the new Material Design. However you feel about the looks, there are plenty of other changes to go over.

First up is the bottom navigation bar, which features the Home, Games, Movies & TV, and Books tabs. Each tab features a color — Home and Games are green, Movies & TV is burgundy, and Books is blue. That said, the top area near the search bar doesn’t change color like it does in the current Google Play Store — only the tab section and the bottom tab lettering change color.

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Next up is the search bar, which features rounded corners and removes the Google Play watermark. In its place is a context-sensitive watermark. For example, the Home and Games sections feature a “Search for apps & games” watermark while the Books section features a “Search Books” watermark. Even the microphone icon receives a redesign, with only the microphone outline visible instead of the icon being filled in.

Delving further, app pages also feature all-white backgrounds with no dividers between sections. The install button is significantly wider than the current incarnation, with the download progress now a circle that wraps around the app icon.

You can check out appmarsh‘s breakdown for more changes. We don’t know when the Play Store’s Material Design makeover will arrive, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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