The leak was real: party boy king Anduin is coming to Heroes of the Storm

The leak was real: party boy king Anduin is coming to Heroes of the Storm screenshot

Several months in the past the lifestyles of the Heroes of the Storm personality Anduin was leaked from a world arm of Blizzard. The Heroes workforce sort of brushed it off, noting that he’s going to come when he comes: welp, he got here.

My fellow Alliance contributors (disclaimer: I stay max-level characters for each factions), that day is as of late, no less than so far as the PTR (public take a look at realm) is involved. By hopping onto the proving floor server you’ll check out the new healing-heavy hero, who sports activities a equipment very an identical to Uther’s Paladin tactics, with the acquire gimmick of a trait talent that permits Anduin to pull allies to him to save them from peril (granting them unstoppable in the procedure). Yep, he has an 80-second cooldown unstoppable as section of his base equipment: no longer dangerous.

Other odds and ends come with an Anduin package, a brand new pores and skin for Varian (his father), an Anduin announcer, some other mount, and a handful of computer virus fixes. While Heroes is not as urgent for Blizzard because it as soon as was I nonetheless get a thrill out of diving again in regularly. A holy healer may appear to be a lifeless addition for some, however Anduin is utterly my aesthetic. He additionally had to make an look sooner or later, so it’s going to as smartly be now.

PTR Patch Notes [Heroes of the Storm]

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