The limits of nostalgia: Podtoid reviews Yooka-Laylee

431660-yookk The limits of nostalgia: Podtoid reviews Yooka-Laylee iOs

What occurs while you return to the neatly and check out to make a clone of a 20 yr outdated sport? Neatly, now not precisely just right issues. However, possibly, nonetheless what crowdfunding supporters had been after? You will have to concentrate to the newest Podtoid particular to peer who actually did not like Yooka-Laylee ^( and who concept it was once good enough, I suppose. Are you able to wager who were given a super gamerscore on it earlier than it even launched? It is Brett. He actually has not anything higher to do.

Ahead of anyone yells at me, that is technically a “spoilercast,” for all you pedants and obsessives who suppose “there may be an ice degree” is a spoiler. Sorry now not sorry. And try our closing particular episode on Resident Evil 7 ^(, if you have not already.

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