The Nintendo Switch beat out the Wii U’s five year total game sales in Japan in 18 months

The Nintendo Switch beat out the Wii U's five year total game sales in Japan in 18 months screenshot

The Nintendo Switch is an absolute beast. Although crushing the Wii U is not precisely the maximum tough problem in the global through the years, it did it in not up to a year’s time since its release. Now in 18 months of existence it is crushed out the Wii U’s total instrument sales.

Going via information from the Japan-centric analytics Twitter account Game Data Library, the Switch is estimated to have surpassed the Wii U at this level in time. In Japan the Wii U bought a blended quantity of 15 million devices of instrument, spanning each the bodily and virtual nation-states. Thanks to new information we all know that the Switch is now encroaching 20 million blended devices.

Where will it finally end up hardware sales-wise? It’s arduous to mention. It’s mainly already crushed out the GameDice’s 21.7m sales, and has set its points of interest on the Nintendo 64 (32.9m), the SNES (49.1m), and the NES (61.9m). It may simply succeed in that milestone, however what it in reality must beat is the Wii, which remains to be sitting at 101.6 million devices bought.

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