The way to Repair Epson L366 error Waste Ink Pad Counter is Complete


When the printer became, blinking mild Resume button and Print The pinnacle does not transfer.


Waste Ink Pad Counter is Complete


Reset the waste ink counter

To reset Epson L366 use:
Adjustment Program Ver.1.0.1 construct 5874

Title: Epson Adjustment Program
Model: 1.0.1 construct 5874
Improve Fashion: Epson L130, L132, L220, L222, L310, L312, L362, L365, L366
Vacation spot:
Epson L130 = EURO
Epson L132 = CIS
Epson L220 = EURO
Epson L222 = CIS
Epson L310 = EURO
Epson L312 = CIS
Epson L362 = CIS
Epson L365 = EURO
Epson L366 = CIS
Language: English

Changes Program Ver.1.0.1 construct 5874

Obtain Changes Program Ver.1.0.1 construct 5874
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