This Humble Bundle is all about multiplayer games

This Humble Bundle is all about multiplayer games screenshot

If you’re the type of person to host game-playing get-togethers with friends, there are certain titles you really ought to have on hand, and I’d say Duck Game ranks pretty high on that list.

It’s stupid. It’s fun. It’s stupidly fun. It’s also chaotic, unpredictable, and tense, a combination that leads to ridiculous physical-comedy moments and keeps matches feeling fresh late into the night.

Now’s a good time to see what the fuss is about — Duck Game is featured in a multiplayer-focused Humble Bundle along with other cool games for cool people like Besiege and Rocket League.

Pay $1 or more:

  • Flash animation tribute Stick Fight: The Game ^(
  • Dungeon brawler Rampage Knights ^(
  • Block-clearing puzzler Tumblestone ^(

Pay more than the average:

  • Silly contraption builder Besiege ^(
  • *Quack quack* Duck Game ^( *Quack quack*
  • Jet Set Radio homage Hover ^(

Pay $14 or more:

  • The game that stole Brett away from me, Rocket League ^(

This bundle is available for the next two weeks.

Humble Hooked on Multiplayer 2018 Bundle [Humble Bundle]

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