Top Apps Jokes for Android and iOS: Humor at all Hours

In the endless world of mobile apps is there for all and, of course, the fans, the jokes could not stay away to have on their Android mobile devices the best apps with content funny and make you laugh until the satiety by its entertaining content. If you are one of those who every day have the purpose of life-laugh is the time to contribute to this purpose, by downloading these exciting programs.

If you love to release peals of laughter, there are dozens of apps that will free you of stress and allow you to enjoy with your friends of pleasant moments and full of humor. Here you can get information about different applications of funny stories in Spanish, ranging from stories of Louie up content for the little ones.

If you have been interested by continue reading and discover the best way to laugh non-stop and free of charge.

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The best apps of jokes from 2019 for Android and iOS

Below, we will show you the best options to download jokes for free through various mobile applications for Android and iOS. The purpose of this text is to gather the best apps of humor that will make you have a good time and that are designed for all type of public.

JaJapp! 5000+ Jokes

When you talk about apps funny to download for free this alternative is one of the ideal, as it has more than 5000 options to read and that will surely make you laugh to the user without stopping. It is an app designed for people 13 years or older, then you surely have some stories bawdy.

This program has a classification in more than 80 categories, among the most prominent are the section of animals, cars, music, political, prisoners, planes, lawyers, dentists, riddles, drunkards, among others.

This app can be downloaded easily on your mobile device and it will not occupy much space, since it only has a size of 4.2 MB. Is available for mobile Android 2.3 and later versions. In addition, you have comments quite favorable to its users because it does not have a lot of ads.

apps de chistes para morirse de la risa

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Jokes short and good

Definitely if you want to have a gem of humor on your mobile device this is the app perfect, as well offer jokes good and short, frequently updated content, lets you share them with friends and the user can add their own funny stories. Without a doubt, this is a way of having a collection of applications of humor.

The download of this app is completely free and each day you can enjoy new stories. Its interface is simple and allows you to share easily with the friends the story that’s more like it via different social networks.

Also, this program has the quality that supports that you can send to your support jokes of own crop and form part of the sections that it offers to the users.

Among the technical specifications is important to highlight that has a size of 12 MB, which is available starting with version 4.1 of Android and with the download is included more than 16,000 jokes without the need to be connected to the Internet.

descargar imagenes de chistes graciosos

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Funny Rex: the Bad and the Funny

For all those who love the popular bad jokes it is time to download this fun app, which features stories that really make grace and have been designed for all types of public. The main figure of this fun app is a dinosaur that will count the jokes more crazy than they are heard but that end up making everyone laugh.

The program size is 9.1 MB and is available for Android phones from version 4.3.

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10.000 Jokes

This is definitely one of the best collections of jokes that someone can have in your Android device and without the need to be connected to the Internet. With this app you’ll be able to enjoy various categories of stories, comedians very good and the division into sections will allow you to select your thematic favorite with greater ease.

This application is only 4.4 MB of the memory of the mobile and is available since version 4.1 of Android on. Also, has a configuration quite attractive which allows you to modify the font size for greater visibility of the text, you can change the background color and make minor changes, as well as to optimize the load.

chistes malos cortos graciosos

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Guessing game with joke

In the event that what you’re looking for are the guessing game with humor this is the alternative that is to be downloaded to the mobile, because it is designed for all types of audiences and be able to spend a while great friendships. Also, you will find all kinds of jokes with questions to go crazy to more of a friend or family member to try to resolve the questions funny.

In addition, this application offers a simple interface that anyone can use it without complications. With the press of a button you can share the joke that more like it with different friends through the social networks.

All the content is completely in Spanish. However, the fun does not end here, because it includes images of love, friendship, birthday, and motivation to share with all the people who want to.

Among the main technical characteristics of highlights are that the app occupies a space of 15 MB, is available for the Android version 4.1 onwards, and was last updated in December of 2019.

chistes y adivinanzas para niños

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Ten Thousand Jokes Offline

This is another of the apps that has a set of funny stories that will brighten the day of anyone, because you have an endless amount of jokes colombians, mexicans, cubans, clowns and children. Who download this application on your mobile device, you will have more than ten thousand reasons to have fun daily.

Like other programs will not be required to be connected to the internet to display its content, takes up 4.2 MB of memory and can be used in Android mobile to from version 4.4.

It is totally free, as well as each of the applications that have been described above.

chistes y adivinanzas de pepito

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Without a doubt, laughter is the best medicine and the good news is that it is completely free, as well as each of the applications that have been described above. Dare to download any of these apps, funny and enjoy unique moments and pleasant with your loved ones and friends.

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