Top Apps to SELL and BUY things second-hand

Now that they are finished holidays, our house is filled with more things than ever before. Some are great, but others don’t do more than estorbarnos. It is even possible that you’ve found with gifts repeated, can not be returned. The solution is in your mobile phone to: discover today the app ara to sell things that will save you from all those pongos.

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The best Apps for selling and buying 2020


Wallapop takes about 4 years on the market, and only this time had displaced to the applications and websites of sale of second-hand. And is that its fresh appearance, its ease of use and how well it works to make it our app to sell and buy favorite.

After you download the app Wallapop, you register with your e-mail account or Facebook and you can start to sell. You just need a small description, put a price and upload some photos. Through the chat of the app you will be able to contact and well you can be with the future purchaser or buyer.

In the same way, you can also get in contact with other salespeople if you are interested in something of what they have to offer. Thanks to the geolocation you will be able to see what is closer to you, and so it will be much easier to get to the sale.

It is free, you can search by categories, and in addition, you find everything. Do you still do not know the best flea market online?

wallapop Barcelona o donde tú quieras

How to sell and put an ad in Wallapop


Milanuncios was one of the first websites of announcements of purchase and sale of things on the Internet. The famous web of green colors decided, having regard to what has been seen, taking out your own mobile app to sell and buy between individuals.

In the same way that, in its origins, the application has a classification by categories in which you can find from cars, to laptops, photo frames and even adoptions of dogs and cats.

As a bit of a downside, we highlight that your browser is not at all ideal, and not always goes well. Despite this, it is one of those apps for sale very used, as it has more than 6 million ads. Among all these, sure that is what you are looking for.

milnuncios: trabajo o compraventa


What you might have heard of the website it? As it is now called Vibbo, and has an app of its own that goes great for the mobile Android and iPhone phones. In the last few months has gotten very close in the competition with Wallapop, as it also is a app cool and very easy to use.

Remains a kind of app market that you can sell of everything, but this we especially love to buy and sell second hand cars. In this we find over 2,000,000 products of all kinds. There is nothing wrong, don’t you think?

In this app to sell things you’ll be able to follow your favorite merchants and score products to view them later or buy them before you buy. Yes, if it is sold, will no longer be available.

Posting ads is very easy to use. In addition, their customer service is quite efficient: you can contact them if you have a problem!

vibbo: barcelona o madrid, no importa


If you live in the united States and want to sell everything you got and already don’t want it already, download Letgo. Is gratuitay serves both for Android as for iOS. Has gone praised by publications such as the New York Times or Techcrunch, among others.

Is even faster than the other apps to sell and buy, and in fact is the only one with an artificial intelligence that puts titles and descriptions from the pictures. Automatically, without you having to type anything (if you don’t want, then you can always modify the ad).

A instant chat going to allow you to contact sellers and buyers alike. Fast, functional and very practical. You can browse by your area, or search through the filters that we offer. It’s great!

la app para vender y comprar que no puedes dejar pasar


Many of you already know the trading platform Ebay. It is one of the most well-known and reputable in the world, but it seems that in recent years has been losing popularity. Well, we have today the app version of Ebay both for Android phones and for iOS.

The categories are those of always, and you can really find everything. You do not have to remain with the seller or buyer, it all tends to go by sending it by mail. The platform will guarantee safety at the time of purchase, but it never hurts to take a look at the reviews that you have on your profile. And don’t forget to download a good packet sniffer.

If you are looking for good, and you make a good offer in the auction, you can find good bargains. If you are in a hurry, you can find products that allow for the immediate purchase for a certain amount of money. It is very good to find items more new. More than a market, it would be an online store where individuals and professionals can sell.

If you are more exquisite, this is the app for selling things.

ebay vender cosas

My storeroom

One of the apps to sell and buy most popular in the last year is My storage room. This application not only gives you the possibility to make purchases and sales, but also comes with an integrated map, which shows you who is selling it near you.

Well, with this app to buy things, you’ll know who your neighbors are selling second hand products and buy them cheaper. For safety, this app does not allow you to upload pictures of items downloaded in the mobile, only with the camera of the app.

If, on the other hand, you want to use this app to sell things, you’ll be able to do so totally free with no commission. You’ll just have to take a photograph of your item with your phone and upload it directly in the application. It is an application similar to Wallapop.

Already and will be on sale and you’ll have people willing to get offers for the same. All of this saving you postal or bank transfers, as you yourself will be able to go to pay and check out your article. My storage room is available in the Google Play Store.

tablón de anuncios

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If you’re wondering where can I sell used items, an alternative is to Depop. How works this app? It is easy, in this app you will be able to sign up to buy, sell and learn about a whole creative community willing to sell its merchandise.

To buy on Depop, you will only need to register and navigate the finding from items vintage to works of are, clothing and more. All of the purchases that you make in the application are protected by PayPal in this app for Android and iOS.

Also, if you are looking to sell, you’ll be able to open your own shop and take pictures of your items for sale without the need for bidding or offers. You can also promote your shop Depop on your social networks.

In case outside little, also you will be able to attend meetings or local events of Depop in different cities in Europe such as London and Milan. Many influencers today started their shops, a great example is the depop Chiara Ferragni.

depop melis8

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Wendoo is another app to sell products with the most downloaded from the Google Play Store. This is like one of the apps like Wallapop, but also works as a bulletin board for buying and selling second-hand items.

Its advantage is that not only is dedicated to selling and buying, you can also rent your products for a certain time in the application. An example of this is bikes, boats, cars and more.

You have different categories to get all kinds of items like baby clothing, sports gear, fashion accessories and much more. Just that you post your ad in the application to the interested parties to communicate with you in the chat.

anuncios gratis para comprar y vender

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Are you passionate about bikes or just want to find a good price to be able to walk? If you are looking for apps for second-hand goods, one of the best options is BKIE, ideal for lovers of cycling.

It is one of the applications purchase sales most popular in Spain since it is focused only to the biker community. Here you’ll be able to negotiate from second-hand bikes or low price, as well as various articles. Is available for Android and iOS.

venta de bicicletas de segunda mano

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Those looking for good deals, must have Mercali in your mobile. If you are one of these, you can download this application for Android and iOS, which will help you to find the best prices and deals in your area, to buy and sell quickly any thing.

You can publish or be attentive to the announcements of the users nearby to you, showing you a list in order of distance. Chat safely with the buyers or sellers to remove the items.

Just the photo and name of the product for you to sell for free. Assesses and comments on other publications to do a environment of purchase-sale more secure. And if you see something that interests you, you will not miss the eye and save it in your favorites.

aplicacion para comprar cosas

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Sell or buy cars should not be a headache for you. With Autoscout24, you will go directly to the car market largest in Europe. You can find new cars, semi-new, second-hand or classic styles.

Here you’ll be able to see with detail all the information of these cars or bikes, to create alarms and alerts, search as edit all your ads conveniently. In addition, you can sync your web bookmarks with the app, and enter in contact with the seller.

Autoscout24 is available for the Google Play Store as App Store free of charge in more than 5 different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian and German.

coches de segunda mano en españa

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I Want The Books

Book lovers can also now buy and sell any work they want with the application I Want the Books, available for Android. In this app, used book sale, you’ll find classics of the literature as recent works.

You can get second-hand books of any kind: children’s books, comics, college, institute, books, novels, encyclopedias, publications, and scientific journals, and much more.

Contact directly the seller via the direct message in the app, or by WhatsApp and get new books or old close to your position with the search engine.

compraventa de libros

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Almost New

Another alternative to Wallapop that has been gaining force lately, it is Almost New. Is an application for the sale of second-hand items where you can contact the seller, without waiting, in the chat.

This is one of the most popular applications of Spain since you can find street markets in Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Valencia or Barcelona. In case outside little, also you’ll be able to save in this app the ads of other applications, such as Ebay, Letgo, and more.

Tracks all kinds of products in thousands of different categories like electronics, furniture, art, clothing and even engines, jobs and housing. It is available for free to Google Play Store and App Store!


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Parents and mothers do not stand behind! One of the best ways to earn money by selling the clothes of your baby is through Mooms. In this application, you’ll be able to buy and sell products of baby second-hand, such as cars or clothes.

Here you can sell and buy any item with secure method of payment, including the shipping address so that you don’t have to move. You’ll be able to get used clothing brand for baby or girl clothing cheap, for example.

You’ll just have to take a photo of the product that you are going to sell, put the price and ready. From cart for babies such as strollers for the kids, you’ll also find clothing for moms during pregnancy during these months.

So now you know, if you ask where to buy children’s clothing to sell, you can recommend Mooms prospective parents. This application is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store free of charge.

Mooms, la app para comprar y vender productos de bebé

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We hope that with these applications to buy and sell things you can find what you are looking for and you will find someone to buy all that you spare. Gifts, excesses, clothing that you no longer use, the furniture in your old apartment… whatever you want!

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