Total War: Three Kingdoms gets a lot bloodier next week

Total War: Three Kingdoms gets a lot bloodier next week screenshot

Total War: Three Kingdoms, Sega’s superb new technique sport in keeping with historic China, might be getting some gory DLC next week. Releasing on Thursday, June 27, 2020, the “Reign of Blood” results pack will deliver a bunch of blood and “mature-related” results to the battlefield. This manner such things as buckets of blood and dismemberment, which will have to carry the age ranking somewhat a bit.

You can grasp the DLC for $2.99/£1.99/2.99 when it launches. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to want to allow to results from the “Advanced Graphics Settings” menu in-game. While I do suppose it is a little dumb to be promoting a utterly beauty DLC, this does allow us to in the end have our M-rated Dynasty Warriors sport. It’s at all times been unusual, to me, that cutting anyone with a halberd ended in them falling over as an alternative of being eviscerated.

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