Towerfall on Switch is the perfect warm up for Smash Ultimate

Towerfall on Switch is the perfect warm up for Smash Ultimate screenshot

Team battle Smash with items turned on can be just as competitive and skill-reliant as the standard 1-on-1 no random variables matches that are common in the tournament scene. Just imagine a fight between two pairs of evenly matched friends. Their percentages are all past 90% and there’s less than 20 seconds on the clock. The next one to land a decent attack will end it, and all parties are cautious about how close they want to get to the competition, as they consider holding out for sudden death.

Then suddenly a box of Bob-ombs spawns in the center. Everyone makes a mad dash for them, the team that gets to them first quickly tosses them at their opponents, hoping to catch them off guard and win the match. With lightening fast reflexes, the thought-to-be-doomed team reflects the first bomb, causing it to bounce back and explode the would-be victors at the last second. 

These kinds of moments happen in Towerfall all the time, even when playing with relative beginners. The game only has three moves; a jump, cocking and firing an arrow, and a dash maneuver that also allows you to catch a fired arrow in mid-air. There are plenty of power ups other modifiers to explore from there, but at its heart, this is a game about using those three moves to outflank, unnerve, and surprise your opponent, and in doing so, maybe yourself as well. The set up for happy accidents, mind games, and surprises is nearly endless, which combined with the intense technical depth, has led Towerfall to become a pillar in its genre, and now its coming to Switch. 

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