Tricks to save battery on the mobile: the Definitive Guide

How much will last the battery of the phone? Before, the mobile could last turned on up to a week, but of course, there was no data, or Whatsapp, or Facebook, and, in general, applications for mobile phone. On the one hand, we could use our phones without charging for many days, but on the other, its use was limited to calls, SMS, and, if you had a Nokia, to play the Snake.

There are several tricks and apps to save battery and to make our dear smartphones to last a bit more. At least, they will not leave us trailing/as at any time of the day and at the time most inappropriate. We started with this new entry in power saving mode.

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How to save battery in the mobile

Put up-to-date applications

  • If each two-by-three appear new updates for already-installed applications and update them. Do not do it for pleasure, but to benefit the user with new improvements. In fact, most of the times improve not only the saving of a battery, but the memory of our phones.
  • If you have an Android, make sure that the apps are optimized for battery. You can see this in Settings or Settings / Battery and, in the top menu to the right, the Optimization of battery. Change applications the more expendable of the system.
  • Power Management” is one of the latest Android, and allows you to prevent an app to “wake” or “sleep” in particular. Now you can put to sleep everything that doesn’t serve you and will consumes energy.
  • Find the apps that more hours of mobile life they consume. Looks in Settings or Settings / Battery. Once view, you can enter one at a time into these apps and decide what to do with them.

Consumo datos apps segundo plano

Adjust your screen

  • Take advantage of the automatic adjustments of the power saving mode that comes by default in the mobile.
  • You don’t have your brightness on auto or at the maximum, regúlalo and lower butt when you are not going to use the phone for hours.
  • Removes all widgets are not expendable.
  • Did you know that a background black screen uses much less energy?
  • Avoid animations on the screen, or dynamic backgrounds.

modo automático battery saver android

Turn off what you don’t need to

  • No need to be all day with the WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, hands-free, Airdrop, or the GPS
  • You can even turn off mobile data (4G or 3G) in the event that you are not going to use your device for hours.
  • Prevents the auto-sync or auto-update of applications. It is better to schedule it once a day (further down you can let applications that help you to do this).
  • On the iPhone and iPad, you can ask Siri that you use the save mode.

ahorra energía del móvil

Energy savings for cellular: what is off when I’m in mode saver?

When looking for methods and things to save energy in the mobile, there is a quick option, whether you are on Android and iOS, which is to enter into saving mode. Remember, if you want something more radical, you can always opt for the Airplane Mode -I turned off everything, even the calls.

How do you save energy in the cell when I give the low power mode or battery saver mode?

  • Reduction of the speed and the processing power of our device. In summary, it goes something more slow and can be difficult if you want to use apps that need a lot of force, such as games or design.
  • Updates in the background turned off.
  • Do not synchronize the email or apps such as Whatsapp if it does not open.
  • Disables the service location (GPS).
  • Do not appear notifications.
  • Download automatic turned off.
  • Animations reduced to the minimum.
  • The brightness of the screen is reduced.

If you are desperate to know how to save energy in the cell, this is a measure of something drastic. You leave it here so that you know what happens if the active, but we recommend that you follow the rest of tips for not getting to this end.

Don’t abuse the Wifi connection

Did you know that the Wifi connection is what most consume on a SmartPhone after the screen? Well, if you need to connect to Internet but the Wifi is consuming too much energy, a great alternative is to turn on the mobile data 3G or 4G as these tend to spend half of battery.

But be careful, it is not always the case. Everything will depend on the use we make of the device. If you’re going to have little activity or are you going to put the phone in standby mode, the 3G/4G yes you will be a great saving of battery power. On the other hand, if you are going to browse heavily or you’re going to download a large file, the Wifi is more efficient because you will finish before the task and, therefore, you’ll be able to put before the mobile in idle mode.

Do not close completely all the apps

One of the things that we do with our SmartPhone is to close all applications every time it crashes the mobile then re-open them to unlock it. A practice that, in principle, we think that it is ideal to optimize battery. The reality is quite different, since if we close and we open an application we will always be forcing the processor and it should work twice.

Obviously, if this action is repeated a lot throughout a day, the battery will have a greater expense. For this reason, we advise you to leave open the applications that you use most in time to restart them time and time again. In fact, in iOS, most apps that run in the background will stop completely and do not consume battery.

In short, always spend more energy to open a application from scratch back to it when it is running in the background.

Turn off location services

Have the location selected is one of the other reasons for which the mobile consumes a lot of battery. In this sense, it is to pay attention to those applications that access the location of the SmartPhone.

To do this, look at the application settings from the settings menu and check that it is not activated the option “Always on” location sharing. If it is, you can save energy and changing it to “While using app”.

Anyway, if you know in advance that you’re not going to need the location for anything, uncheck fully throughout the system. In iOS you can do so in Settings > Privacy > Location Services. In Android you’ll need to access Settings > Security and Location > Location.

Ajustes ubicación iOS.

Removes the vibration of the mobile

A fact unknown to many users is that the vibration also prevents us from saving battery. Without going more far away, this wastes more resources than when we get notifications and calls through a normal tone.

For this reason, to the extent possible, turn off the vibration, especially if you are using the mobile and you are arriving constantly WhatsApp messages or Facebook Messenger. Do you really need the vibration with the screen on? Do not consume more battery power than necessary!

Upgrade the operating system

Does my Android OS consumes a lot of battery? Does the battery of my mobile is not hard anymore because of iOS? If you doubt that the software of your mobile is spending a lot of resources, you must keep in mind that just as in the case of applications, periodically also come out new updates of the operating system that serve to improve the overall performance of the device and correct the errors of the previous versions.

So, when you have an update available for your iOS or Android , it is advisable to install it, since the new versions usually optimize all the processes of the mobile phone and improve the battery life.

Yes, before you install the final version of the OS, I suggest that you first try the beta to see if it really the phone saves battery. This is so because only in the development versions can be reversed in case of the device to work worse. Try to make a downgrade of a final upgrade of Android or iOS is not impossible, but it will give you a lot of work.

Active the airplane mode in places with bad signal

As we said before, the airplane mode is a solution that is more drastic because it turns off the majority of connections of the mobile, as 4G data or its own calls. What many users are unaware of is that this mode can be very useful in some situations. Not only is a thought for when we travel by plane.

The airplane mode is recommended when we are in an area with poor mobile phone coverage or 4G, since if the device is constantly searching for signal and not find it, the battery suffers and drops sharply. Therefore, if you know that you are going to a place with bad signal and want to economize the use of the battery, go ahead activating the mode previously.

But be careful, the airplane mode does not mean that you will be totally incommunicado, but both iOS and Android you can search for a Wifi network or turn on Bluetooth. That yes, remember that you will not be able to receive calls or SMS messages in any case.

Avoid apps with advertising

Apps with advertising also have a high battery consumption. This is because the SmartPhone must use a lot of resources to download all of the ads and contact us for display advertising that is most suitable to our profile, something we can know through the use of cookies.

Therefore, the solution passes by to install the minimum possible number of this type of applications because they tend to have a schedule that is very basic and will eat all the energy of the battery. In addition, if you do not want that you find for advertising will always be the option to disable the location of the app.

Forget about Task Killers

In Android are very frequent task killers, a tool that is used to manage the active processes on the phone to free up RAM. The problem is that these applications are closed all processes at the same time forcing the device to perform an effort than usual. Yes, you will free up all the RAM, but also you will consume much more battery.

Therefore, if you want to close apps that are consuming a lot, it is better to do it by pressing the recent apps button of your Android and slide them sideways or get to Settings > Applications > Running and click on “Stop”.

Controls the temperature of the mobile

Another of the factors that can alter the length of the battery are the extreme temperatures. The effects can be noted both with low and high temperature extremes. To avoid this, in the first place, you must try to not expose the mobile in places that are not appropriate -for example directly under the sun – and in the second place, to control their use, so that if you notice that the device over-heats it is best to turn it off a few minutes or stop using it.

Anyway, in the instructions for use of the mobile phone or on the website of the manufacturer is usually able to refer to what is the proper temperature range for each model.

Take a look at the use of the battery

Do you have the device is inactive and consumes a lot of battery? Have you followed the advice above and you’re still having problems? In these cases, you should check yourself what happens to the mobile phone accessing the section of battery.

  • In iPhone, go to Settings > Battery
  • In Android, go to Settings > power Management > Battery

You’ll be able to consult the detail of everything related with the use of mobile phone, from the applications or tasks that consume more until the hours most active. In the new iOS 12, you’ll even be able to know the state of health of the battery.

Consumo Batería iPhone

Save with these APPS!
Let’s see now how to do to save energy in the cell with applications for which the battery lasts longer. That by something we call TuAppPara, isn’t it?

Apps to save battery

How to save battery on the iPhone 6s, 5c, 4 or any other iOS device is one of the biggest headaches today. Apple devices consume a lot (the Android too, of course). Let’s see what the app can come in handy to save battery life on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor does everything that we have recommended in the section on tips automatically (or semi-automatic). It gives us all the necessary information to be able to manage the inside of our device and learn how to save battery on iPhone.

  • Consumption report in real time, app by app.
  • Protection effectively.
  • Estimate the minutes you have left of life to the mobile.
  • Tips for the battery saving iPhone 6, 5, 4 or any version.

It’s free and your design is very simple and efficient. You can download DoctorBatería in the official link here.

descargar doctor batería android

Battery Life

Similar to the previous one, but with some different nuances, Battery Life is the second app for battery saver free for iPhone that we bring to you today. On this occasion, we will be able to save energy of our 6 Edge (or any other iPhone) is as follows:

  • State and report in real-time.
  • Information of levels and time estimate.
  • Useful data on the device: GPU, memory, CPU, storage…
  • Tools to test the correct operation of the phone: dead pixels, microphone, camera, etc

Its user interface is superb, and the views are some of the most positive of the App Store. By now, it is not in Spanish, but time to time.

battery life iphone 5c

Do you know this recorder calls free and legal?


Greenify is one of our energy-saving appliances, favorite for Android. It is an app that has been in the top of the lists of useful apps for the mobile in several countries. Let’s see why.

  • The app hibernate the apps that consume more when not in use, and in this way, it prevents your phone to go slow or that the battery is consumed at a rate horribly high.
  • One of his points is that do not collect personal information, as do other apps (we talked about it when we mentioned the dreaded flashlight flash APK).
  • The application itself does not consume energy, because it puts itself into hibernation until you open it.
  • Weighs very little, hardly used 5M of RAM and almost no CPU (or consume).

If you want to increase the hours of operation of your Android device without danger, this is the app for you.

greenify para android

Just battery saver

If the before you can be considered to be the best app to save battery on Android, this is not very far away. Like its partner above, this is one of the most reliable and with best rating of all Google Play.

  • Management of battery and processes in Android.
  • Control and monitoring of consumption.
  • Our mobile lasts for longer hours on thanks to their measures of control and prevention.
  • It is very easy to use, in addition to being free.
  • Information of apps that consume the most resources.
  • Alarm indicator of the consumption or minutes of life remaining to the device.
  • Increase the loading speed.
  • Kills” apps that you choose, the more you consume and the less you use.
  • Tests of ability.

All in all, a very good option to consider.

Just Battery Saver
Just Battery Saver

  • battery optimizer
  • saver
  • killer of the task
  • battery charger faster
  • calibration of the battery

Do you have already applied some of the tips of saving battery on iPhone and Android? Have you learned how to increase the life hours of your phone? Do you have some more trick to share with us? I look forward to in the comments!

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