Unilever, Pepsi, And Nestle Testing Reusable Packaging Delivery Service

Many of the products sold by companies such as Unilever, P&G, Nestle, and Pepsi come in single-use packaging. You take the product out of the package and then chuck it out when it no longer serves a purpose. The companies are now willing to do things differently as part of a test. They have teamed up with a service called Loop to deliver products in reusable packaging to customers.

The concept behind Loop is similar to how the milkman functions. You consume the milk and put the empty bottles outside. The milkman replaces the empty bottles with new ones that have fresh milk. It’s the same method being applied here.

Loop’s subscribers will receive a reusable bag via UPS that will have products from these companies inside. Once the products have been consumed, users can schedule for the old containers to be picked up and new ones to be dropped. Loop will handle all aspects related to the cleaning and reuse of the packaging.

The company is going to launch this service in parts of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Paris by mid-May this year. Loop is also working out a plan to begin deliveries through Tesco in London. More than 25 major companies have partnered with Loop on this and each has developed its own packaging. The products themselves will cost the same as the single-use versions but customers will be required to make container deposits that will range from $10 to $10. Shipping will start at $20 and decrease with each additional item added.

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