Verizon, Sprint announce new 5G markets for 2018 and beyond

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  • Verizon has announced Los Angeles as the second market to get 5G in 2018, joining Sacramento.
  • Sprint has added New York City, Phoenix, and Kansas City to its first wave of 5G markets for 2019.
  • Sprint has previously confirmed that unlimited 5G plans will be more expensive than current 4G LTE plans.

The first 5G-capable smartphones are only slated for release next year, but that isn’t stopping Verizon, as it announces the latest 5G market for 2018.

The carrier previously announced plans to launch the next-generation technology in three to five markets before the end of the year. At the time, it revealed Sacramento as one of these cities. Now, the company has confirmed ^( Los Angeles as the second market for 2018.

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam may have also hinted at Boston as the company’s third 5G market. McAdam told CNBC that relationships with “progressive-minded cities” like Sacramento, Los Angeles and Boston were key to rolling out next-generation technology. We now know that Sacramento and Los Angeles are confirmed to get 5G this year, making Boston the odd one out.

Sprint waits until 2019 for 5G

Meanwhile, Sprint has added New York City, Phoenix, and Kansas City to its 5G markets for next year. The network plans to launch the technology in the first half of 2019. These new markets join Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. as Sprint’s first 5G markets.

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The first 5G phones aren’t expected in 2018, but Verizon will be targeting home use at first. So that means 5G-capable routers/equipment to use with your computer, set-top box, TV and other gadgets. The carrier is also using its own 5GTF standard at first, but plans to switch over to the official 3GPP NR standard when the latter standard is up and running.

Sprint will launch the next-generation technology using its 2.5GHz spectrum. The carrier is adding the required antennas to its MIMO-capable towers, then upgrading the hardware to 5G via a software update. Sprint subscribers are also set to pay more for unlimited 5G service than current 4G LTE plans.

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